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Small Minded Idiots

Posted on Sat Aug 29th, 2009 @ 4:53pm by

I recieved a message through You-Tube today in regards to the video we have for Starbase 611, its detailed below.

Comment on your video: Starbase 611 from Thewarondickheads
-This needs to be boycotted.

My Reply To Him:

And why do you think it needs to be boycotted? Is it because you don't understand what people get from it, or the fact that you fear that fans can build on something that it well within their rights to do. Being a Customer Service Manager I have to deal with people everyday so I myself can fully understand why you may fear or not understand this so let me explain it to you.

I work with people people day in day out. It is very taxing work both mentally and physically and thus I need something to help me relax at the end of the day. This is how I do it. Bravo Fleet has become a writing community with well over thousands of participants worldwide. It is escapism for those that wish to do something to take them away from their own lives if only for a few moments. I would also point out that there are many more online simulations on the Internet. Would you care to attempt to boycott them also, it might take you a few decades.
Now would you care to explain to me your opinion on this and if its going to be more of the small minded nonsense that we get from a small minority of people, and by small I mean you, so we may better understand why and how we have offended you. Maybe if you took the time and joined a writing community then you might understand what we get from it, or does spelling anything above three letters cause you problems, in which case I can recommend a pretty decent online spell checker.

Many Regards.


Do you think I over reacted?


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