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End Of Our Third Mission

Posted on Mon Aug 31st, 2009 @ 9:54pm by

OK guys, we made it. The large JP in the control panel is the last post for this mission. I thought we could end it with everyones thoughts and feelings, and in the next mission we can focus on picking up the pieces. I know Jrez and T'Arjia have a plot in the offing for the Tec people, and the main of the mission will keep the rest of you busy. But its also going to be a fantastic mission for character development. I'm looking forward to reading some of them. Which brings me onto the next thing:

Competition Time

I will be judging the next competition, so this is thrown open to all players except Mason as she has won a fair few awards over the past few missions, she can help me judge them instead.
The competition is going to be the most creative single post submitted to the story in our next mission 'Ties To Blood'. All you need to do is place an 'OOC:' at the top of the page stating 'Competition', this will enter it into the competition. Remember, its the most creative and well written solo post, singular, not a series of posts. A perfect example would be the post our Doctor has placed on the site in the past few days about 'Baba Yaga'.

So, if everyone can tag something into the JP and we can finish up and move onto our next adventure. Excellent work guys, you really are one of the best crews of the fleet.


Captain Beverly DeVuor
Commanding Officer - Starbase 611
Task Force 86 Chief Of Staff


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