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A Guiding Hand

Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2009 @ 10:30am by

Hey guys. A few of you have sent me messages asking what and where you should be in the mission. I'll give a little bit of assistance on this, but what I really want is to see who floats to the top as the forefront of the mission.

The Hunt:

Vos, Mason, Zeek, Deigo, Ulonova, Lyons, Jorvin, Daniels, Lhaerrh, Jenkins and O'Brien.

The Big Fix:

J'Rez, Lake, Butler, T'Arjia and Zeek (Less So For You Zeek, Just Want A Command Officer To Oversee)

The Odd Job:

Decker and Madden.

The Odd Job is where I want you to try and find more information on what is happening on the Gorn/Tholian boarder as we are building to something much bigger within the Task Force with this. If you have any questions about that then message me or Doctor Ulonova, as she has about the same amount of info as I do on that one and should be able to help. You can also get involved on either of the other two aspects of this mission.

That goes for everyone though, any questions as to what you need to do or how to get involved then message me and I will figure something out for you.

Tec people, we could really do with some real problems with the internal sensors about now as well, just to make things more interesting, you know what I mean J'Rez.

You are also the best crew in the fleet. I just decided.


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