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War Ragging

Posted on Thu Jan 21st, 2010 @ 8:49am by

We are about to move into a very ambitious mission that is not just taking place on 611. It is also spanning the entire Task Force 86 Fleet. Beverly DeVuor will be command the support ships from 611 with a few other playing ships into battle to recover a lost Sensor platform.

611 however will be going through her own story. I'm looking for just a few people to not be on the min mission and help support Alyssa with the sub plot. I'll ask for volunteers here but if I have non by weekend then I will start messaging certain people to remain behind.

Below is a break down of the command officers on the three ships.

USS Genesis: Beverly DeVuor and Zeek Aerelon

USS Macarthur: Lorran Vos and Kristina Mason

USS Hope: Leanne Ulonova and (Please select your first officer)


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