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Promotions and Awards

Posted on Thu Jan 21st, 2010 @ 9:08am by

For her dedication to the simulation and the hard work she has put in over the last few months on a very difficult mission I am pleased to announce the Leanne Ulonova has been granted a promotion supported by the Command Officers of Starbase 611. She has consistently been one of the most dedicated writers we have had and been with us from what I call the 'rebirth' of this simulation. We had a difficult patch and the turning point was when two people joined our simulation. One being Doctor Ulonova. Congrats my friend.

Next up is a promotion for Helen Lyons. The nomination came through from Doctor Ulonova and has been supported again by the Command Officers. She has come into Starbase 611 and had very little contact with most of the players during a very difficult mission. Its a credit to her ability to write that has made her introduction possible. Congrats and enjoy being a Lieutenant.

Finally Haqtaj Matlh is being awarded a Creative Writing award in simulation. Since her arrival, and a violent one it was, has shaken things up on 611 no end. It has been unpredictable and enjoyable. Not to mention that the player behind the simulation is building the base for his own simulation on our station waiting for an open slot to send her live in the fleet. Congrats to you as well.

The last thing I will say is a big thank you to Major General Livia Harrison. She is technically not a member of e crew on 611 but she has conducted herself on more than one occasion as if she were. She has brought some fantastic moments to the sim and because of this it was deemed that Ion behalf of the 611 crew would nominate her for the Bravo Fleet Bronze Star for her dedication to a sim. I don't know if the nomination was approved but we want you to know just how grateful we are for your support. Please know that Livia is always welcome on 611.


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