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Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2010 @ 7:06pm by

I would like to apologise for the pace that the current story is moving at. It is heading forward a lot faster than I'd have wanted but there is a reason. The task force as a whole is taking part in this mission and I find that I am racing to keep up with them. We have had so many loose ends to tie up from the last mission that I find we are having to cram them into a very small window. But I have utter confidence in you all as I believe you to all be a magnificent group of writers.

On another note, I have received a request from Lieutenant Jack Daniels. He has shown some interest in switching departments and trying his hand at the Intelligence side of Starfleet. I have decided to grant this request as recently we have lost a few Senior Officers and it would flesh our numbers out a little more. So without further a do, I would like to congratulate Jack Daniels on his new position and move upward into the senior staff. As for the rest, keep up the excellent work.


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