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Posted on Sun Mar 14th, 2010 @ 8:53am by

After recent events with the XO position, I have decided that I need to make a decision quickly. I want to get 611 back to what it was and still can be, one of the most active simulations within 86 and bravo fleet. That said, I'll let you know who I was considering for the XO position.

Lieutenant Jack Daniels
Commander Zeek Aerelon
Lieutenant Commander Leanne Ulonova
Lieutenant Avo Agara
Lieutenant Linom Dekur

In many ways all of the above mentioned would be perfect for the XO spot, but my gut told me one specific person would be right for the job. This player has essentially been doing the XO's job on and off now for a few months so it feels only right to give him this position. I have talked it over with him and Commander Zeek Aerelon has agreed to step up. That said as well, I have also cleared a promotion for the Commander, so please all congratulate the new 'Captain' on Starbase 611.

On another matter, we now have an opening for 2XO. This one was an easy one to fill. The person who has the next level of seniority on 611 would be Lieutenant Commander Leanne Ulonova, so I have offered her this position, and she has agreed.

Now I am confident in these people, as I am all of you that we can move past this and get back to what we all love doing, writing! Lets continue to make 611 the best simulation there is.


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