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News Letter

Posted on Sat Jun 26th, 2010 @ 3:00pm by

A good number of the crew are now sitting at approx 12 days without any form of post or log. If something isn't done about this within the next 24 hours then I will start issuing strikes.

On another note, the posts that have been going up of later have been some of the best that I have seen in this simulations life. The quality of the posts is a credit not only to you, but to everyone that helps to keep this simulation what it is.
I have been looking into getting the awards up and running within the Antares Fleet that we are now part of, but until we have a final confirmation on this then please keep the internal awards nominations coming.

Antares Fleet is going very well, and all of you are encouraged to get involved on the forum. You can find them at this address: : Please feel free to pop by and help us really build a community feel within the fleet. We are now sitting at 23 ships and approx 206 playing characters.
As a fleet we are also looking at ways to build recruitment, does anyone have any idea's that might make that a little easier for us? This is the biggest problem that we are coming up against, and we need all the help we can get to help combat that. As well as that, we are investigating the creation of a TOS era task group set in the new movie time line. How does this sit with people. What else would you like to see available, Babylon 5, Star Wars, Battlestar galactica. Drop me a PM or a message through the Antares Fleet forum with your idea's and I can bring them to the Antares Fleet Senior Staff.

On another note, there may come a time were I will be finding it difficult to keep Beverly separate from the AFSS role that she has. I have a few idea's knocking about on what to do, and its looking like it might be a new character to brought in to replace Beverly as the CO of DS7. What do you guys think of this?

On the note of the simulation, were do we want this to go? This current mission seems to be failing and we are struggling to get it back on its feets. This saddens me a great deal as we were once a simulation that would have almost 4 posts going out a day. I know that was exceptionally fast and keeping that speed up would be next to impossible, but it would be nice to try and reclaim at least a small amount of that speed. What do you guys want to see happen on the simulation. I know the recent MASS JP that I started went well as we got the whole of our season 2 play list filled out.

I suppose my question is this, what do you guys want from me as a CO and what do you want from the Simulation as a whole.


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