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In the Hope

Posted on Tue Aug 3rd, 2010 @ 9:45am by

With our current story taking off, I would just like to say a few words. Firstly, thank you to all of you for sticking with DS7. I know I can go at time about posting etc, but I can say, on the whole, we have one of the best groups of writers attached to this simulation that I have had the joy to work with.

At the end of this mission, some more big changes will be taking place. One: Beverly will be retiring from Commanding Officer of DS7 and my new character will be taking over. This isn't to say that she will not be about. Her command post is going to be DS7 so you can still interact with her.
Secondly: With recent changes in Antares Fleet, it looks as though I might be taking th reigns to the fleet as George is having to stand aside due to real life work commitments coming into play. I wish him all the luck, but it may be that I will have to rely on you guys more and more to keep the sim going if I'm off dealing with Fleet issues.

Because our current mission is such a large one, I have created a new video to advertise the sim with our current mission in mind. Again, sorry to the junior officers, I simply don't have enough room in the video to put all the names in.

My last point. I have in the past celebrated the 1 year anniversary of players time on the simulation. I did with Rosie and so on. It has come to my attention that I missed someone, two actually.
It is with great pleasure that I grant Doctor Ulonova the rank of Commander with all the rights and privileges, and Jack Daniels the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all the rights and privileges. Contracts to both.


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