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Posted on Sun Aug 15th, 2010 @ 11:33am by

Well, its been a while since my last real gathering of facts and feedback, so here we go.

Currently on the sim we have three main plots running. Commander ulonova is commanding a small team on the planet below the station. It is playing on the Aliens that we first encountered in our very first mission. If anyone wants to read over that mission then look for 'Echoes of the Damned'.

The station is at 'Red Alert' having been invaded by an unknown Alien that will be discovered to be more of Species 8472 within the gathering post and maybe the Security Team post that needs to be run by Ambassador Haqtaj.

The Cube, well, its going to fall silent for a while as it regenerates itself. This will come back into play within the next few posts.

As for the crew, if your unsure what to post about then get together with a few of the other players and post generally. It would be nice to see some activity that is player generated in regards of the current story. As a CO at the moment it seems as if the same few players are leading the mission. This is still good as the mission is moving forward, but what would be better is if we had more active posts from the players who are on the periphery of this mission. If you really are stuck for something to write then contact either Myself, Captain Navek, Doctor Ulonova, Lieutenant Cullen or Chief Jrez. Anyone of us will help you figure something out, or even help you with a post. If your character is not compatible with the story then please feel free to write as an NPC throughout this mission.

One final point. Lieutenant Commander Daniels has been leading a team on an investigation within Gorn Space. So far it has been very interesting, but I need to nudge you all as your posting level has been slow and you are all now at almost 2 weeks without a post.


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