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BF Medal Of Achievement

Posted on Sun Apr 19th, 2009 @ 4:43pm by Captain Christopher Pendragon

As posted by Captain Martin Shoosh (Task Force 86 Awards Director) on the Task Force Forums website.


Hi everyone. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Commander Beverly Devuor has been awarded the Bravo Fleet Medal of Acheivment and is now proudly displayed at the Bravo Fleet Hall of Honors.

This award was selected due to Beverly's contribution and hard work to her simm with recruitment efforts, mission and running her simm as well as being active in the Forums.

Beverly, congratulations on a job well done.


As Beverly's Task Group Commanding Officer I feel proud of her and this achievement, she has done everything for you, the crew and gone above and beyond to make sure you are all happy, all simming and all having fun. Her devotion is truely reflected in the strength of the simm.

Congradulations Commander Devour, a job well done, and a job well deserved.


Captain Christopher Pendragon,
Task Group Paladins CO
Task Force Eighty-Six


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