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Mission Closure

Posted on Mon Sep 20th, 2010 @ 9:11am by

With this mission have been successful to start with, then a complete and total failure, I have decided to close the mission and move onto the next.
Almost everyone is in the red posting wise. If you have not placed a post on the site by Sunday coming 9am GMT then you will be removed from the sim without fail. The only exception to this is Scott (Captain Tal) as there is a very good chance he has been posted somewhere and not had the chance to inform anyone. He will be given 2 week from today.

Possible Story Points

The Borg drone in sickbay will need to be brought back round into the Federation from the Collective. See Lieutenant Cullen about this.

Doctor Ulonova and her small team are still trapped on the planet. See Ulonova or DeVuor about this.

General repairs to the station. See Sara Lam about this.

Figuring out how the Transwarp Conduit is still open and stable. See Chief Jrez about this.

The usual pick yourself up and duct yourself off after the Borg/8472 attack. Anything major and sim changing please contact me before you write and post.


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