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Change of Character

Posted on Mon Aug 22nd, 2011 @ 5:04pm by

Greetings all,

First and foremost, I must apologise for not being the most active writer here, as I have been spending a good amount of time getting my own sim running, which is why I have opted to change my character on DS7.

I joined the station with Lieutenant Commander Caleb Virgil, a character I grew very fond of, and so I adopted him as my captain on my sim, but I have found it hard to play the same character twice, and so - with Drew's permission - I created a new one...

Lieutenant Commander Xal Ra-Movraii, an Efrosian who worked his way up the marine and enlisted ranks, is a lone wolf who has had a lifetime of sorrow and heartbreak, but is a strong and dominant character, and I look forward to simming with you all.

Please, hit me up at any time you like to JP!

Chris AKA LTCMDR Xal Ra-Movraii
Captain Caleb Virgil
USS Liberty Belle


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