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Posted on Tue Feb 26th, 2013 @ 1:42pm by Lieutenant Commander David Burkeson

Greetings All :-),

With an eye toward greater communications within the simm, I'd appreciate it if we could share a broader range of contact info than just through the site. I personally prefer email or chat to PMs when possible. Exactly what and how you choose to share is entirely up to you, of course. You can put up an announcement like this, PM the info to individual players, whatever you're comfortable with.

To start the ball rolling, here's me:

[Time Zone]
UTC-5 (Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA)



For any who don't know, RSB (Relay Station Bravo) is the Fleet-wide discussion forum site. If you're not subscribed there, I'd recommend you do. If you are, letting the rest of us know your ID there will help us recognize and support each other and promote awareness of things going on in the larger group. There are some exciting things coming up down the line if things keep trending the way they are in the Fleet. You can find RSB here:

[Chat - Text only; I'm not a voice or video cat ;-) ]
Skype: mbeatty1987
Yahoo Messenger: Reevalalyn
Google Talk:

I use the web-based chat aggregator, which I've found very helpful and had no problems with.


That's it for me. Hope to talk more with each of you soon!

Mark Beatty
Executive Officer (Out-of-Character) , Deep Space 12
aka LTCDR David Burkeson
MAJ Michael Finn (NPC)


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