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Our turn

Posted on Fri Sep 27th, 2013 @ 2:46am by

It is now the turn of Task Force 72 (of which we are part) to go through a canon review. The aim of the review is to open a new expanse of space to set our stories in. That will mean new challenges, new species to interact with and new dangers to face.

I urge you all to read of the proposed new direction. It can be found here:

Of primary interest to us it that DS12 will be located to a new position on the Breen/Cardassian border. To accommodate this, and other new developments, the location of the Breen Confederacy itself is being re-drawn.

Hopefully, we'll get the new map before the new canon goes live so that we have time to prepare ourselves. I have asked that this be so.

My initial reaction to the change of location was one of disbelief but, on reflection, I do not envisage it being a problem. However, I will keep my eye on developments.

The story line about military exercises along the Cardassian border can go on the back burner for a while.

The pirates will take on more prominence. Fortuitously, the route of their gun running operation runs across the mouth of the Ferengi/Tzenkathi corridor so they're right where the action is.

Rosie and I are currently writing an episode where some Tzenkathi escape from a labour camp run by members of the True Way. That episode can easily be relocated. I will write into it that the Tzenkathi were captured by Ravers and sold to the Cardassians. That will also firmly bring us into the new scenario.

All in all, I am positive about this new direction though, as I said, I will keep my eye on developments.


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