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Merry Xmas

Posted on Wed Dec 25th, 2013 @ 3:55am by

I too hope you're all having a wonderful Xmas with family and friends.
Margaret (my partner) and I are in Hong Kong and are looking forward to going out to a nice looking bar that advertises various champagnes as their house speciality. We have a bottle of G. M. Mumm champagne for this evening.
Life's tough sometimes. ;)
To those of you who've been with the simm all year, thank you for sticking with it through good times and lean.
To the new comers, I hope you've had fun and are looking forward to new adventures in 2014.
I'd especially like to thank you all for your independent thoughts and writing. After my first effort at captaincy, it makes it so much easier when players write pieces that develop and build the stories without having to be prodded by me.
Thank you.



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