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Posted on Fri Apr 4th, 2014 @ 2:23am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Hey folks! I have seen some amazing posts from everyone. I think I am allowed to say this, but I wish to thank everyone who is posting regularly on behalf of our senior staff.

The CO, XO and the rest of the Command staff are trying to keep things going and interesting. Much of that depends of the crew however. I've learned this from everything between starting at a junior officer to a XO to CO all the way up to 3rd in command of an entire task force. I like to talk. Some people say that is why I am a good part of a leadership team. Why I would be a good teacher....Or politician...(I try not to get offended at the latter.)

If it can move things on but is a paragraph or three rather than 10 pages, no worries. Any bit that moves things forward is a good thing. The command staff may run things but EVERYONE makes it happen. Never forget it. :)

~Marshall Wolfric Bannister, Cmdr. -- Federation Marshal Service


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by on Fri Apr 4th, 2014 @ 2:46am

I would like to heartily endorse Wolf's comments. The essence of a good simm is involvement.
Sometimes though, we just don't feel motivated. Maybe real life is causing hassles or you can't think of anything to write.
If that's the case, contact one of the senior staff: myself, Wolf, Haqtaj or Lissan. We can help with ideas or suggestions.
One possibility is to turn your troubles into a Personal Log entry. I don't mean you should air your personal woes in public. Rather, I mean you could use them as ideas for what your character is feeling.
Maybe you like going for walks. Write about the walk you just went on but set it on the Promenade. Those sorts of things give depth to your character and that makes for a better simm.
As Wolf said, it doesn't have to be long. Stick to what you're comfortable with even if it's only short.