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Posted on Wed Mar 18th, 2015 @ 9:18am by

After a sterling January and February, we seem to have slowed down this month. Therefore, I thought a quick recap might be in order.

First, though, a news item. I have marked the mission ‘The move’ as completed and have opened a new one called ‘Moving in’.

We are now on the new station. Any posts should now be sited there with the exception of one describing arriving if you choose to write one.

We have a new Romulan ambassador, S’Ranya of the Great House of Mirok.

Harrison has received orders from Admiral Waldorf to keep an eye on S’ Ranya and has instructed Lieutenant Svardberg to do so.

Svardberg is none to pleased at this particular order.

Bannister and Forst are not currently with us. They are off to the planet Gaspar to investigate reports of piratical activity.

The Klingon ambassador, Haqtaj, has found a bug in her officer. She does not know who placed it and suspects everyone.

She has instructed her aide, Vartog, to conduct discreet investigations.

Svardberg has been attending counselling sessions with O’Reily.

Cashard will also soon be leaving us. He will be temporally seconded to the Pathfinder to lay Hawkeye monitoring stations along our end of the Cardassian frontier. These will form part of a net extending down past the Ferengi frontier.

I am not aware of just what McKenna is currently doing. Presumably it is something to do with our settling in on our new station. A post would be appreciated.

Stills is still (sorry) on LoA. A JP with McKenna would be good when he returns.

Marion has not been heard of in months. If he does not become involved again soon he will be removed.

Besides pining for Bannister, Delrisa is helping establish our new Infirmary.


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