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BF Hall of Honour

Posted on Sat May 30th, 2015 @ 9:53am by

For many a year, Bravo Fleet had a fully functioning, well used Hall of Honor that allowed players, Commanding Officers, Task Force Commanding Officer’s and Bravo Fleet Admiralty members to nominate and award different people for their contributions (both in-character and out-of-character) to the fleet and our community. It was a well used system when it was fully functioning and it was one that helped recognise the efforts of many individuals. Sadly, over time, the system fell into disrepair and now, no longer exists. That is about to change.

As per Executive Order 15-T003 (available to be viewed: as enacted by the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer, I have been entrusted with setting up the new Bravo Fleet Hall of Honor. To create a new Hall of Honor that will meet the needs of our community and help reward individuals will not be an easy task and certainly not one I can do alone, and this is where I request your assistance. I have been granted permission to appoint 3/4 people to the HoH Committee to join myself and Commodore Powell O’Shaunessey (the Acting Command Adjunct for Community Relations) in creating the HoH and when complete, carrying out the job of rewarding all of our fine players. As part of the committee you will be expected to be involved with some of the following:

Offer suggestions for awards
Help maintain the awards listing
Announce awards on RSB
Email recipients of awards
And more as the Committee develops and the HoH grows

I would like anyone who is interested in joining the HoH Committee to email me (at by the 5th June. Interested parties will be discussed and I will inform people of my decision. This is a fantastic opportunity to help improve the moral and feel of Bravo Fleet and I implore you to register an interest and help me in this exciting new chapter.

Thank you.
Vice Admiral Mitch Hanson, Task Force Commander, Task Force 93
Acting Hall of Honor Administrator, Bravo Fleet


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