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Player representative on BF Hall of Honour

Posted on Sun Sep 13th, 2015 @ 1:50am by

Position Available: Player Representative

The Player Representative is tasked with helping with the day to day running's of the HoH, he/she will be tasked with award suggestions from the members of Bravo Fleet. They will place the award suggestions that the players suggest in the Internal area as it is written by the person who suggested it, give there opinion on it and help with getting it approved in some way.

This person I would like to be an active member of the HoH, and be willing to step in and help in other areas when needed.

If you really want to help out in someway please feel free to email us with the following information.

Name (Real Name):
Character Name:
Why do you want to join the HoH?:
What would you bring to the HoH?:
Will you be an active participate in the Hoh?:

Please send email to both of us at and

Thank you,

Brigadier General Jhamal P'Trell
Task Force 93 Executive Officer
Deputy Hall of Honours Administrator


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