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Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2015 @ 3:52am by

Greg (Lt Cmdr Bannister) has received the August 2015 Player of the Month award.

This is the citation:

'I am nominating Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister (Executive Officer, Deep Space 12) for his unwavering support and guidance to Deep Space 12 over the last month. The Commanding Officer has been on medical leave and rather than let the simulation drop to nothingness, he has stepped up to the plate and shown that there are leaders in the fleet who aren't always the ones that are shown on the BF website. He has kept Deep Space 12 going along and has kept the players busy. They might not be the most busy simulation, but they do produce quality posting and Greg has helped with that over this month.'

Congratulations, Greg. And an especial thank you from me for keeping the simm running in my absence.


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