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Canon updates

Posted on Fri Jan 6th, 2017 @ 8:04am by Captain Nelson Harrison

The following was put out by our Task Force commander. I would like comments please. You might need to copy and paste the links....

Myself and Moss have worked over the last month if not little more on Canon updates to make things more interesting. They have been approved and we can implement them Alastair you might just like one of them as you can also participate with myself on it so you can stay involved in the Canon (one of them) as well if you so choose.

Also, I am not going to divide you on what you have to do, you can read the canon and choose which one you like to do if any. So if you have access to the forums you can find both canon announcements here


If you don't have access to the forums please let me know and I can send you a copy of the canon for you to keep and read.

Hope to hear from you all.

Lieutenant General Jhamal P'Trell
Task Force Commanding Officer
Task Force 72
Bravo Fleet


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