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Awards Coordinator/Crews Choice

Posted on Thu Jul 16th, 2009 @ 10:30pm by

Hey guys. Just a little update on the Task Force. Our chief of staff, Commodore Shoowsh is on the prowel for a new Awards Coordinator for the task force. If anyone is interested in the position, then please mail me or even send him a private message through this site. He's near the bottom of the crew rosta.

Also while I have you. Would all 611 crewmembers please send to me in a private message their choice for the crews choice. For those that are new to the sim, that means anyones writing that has captured you or anything really that has pulled you in during this mission, be it from the Linta mission or the Klingon mission, then please message me with who, and why you think they deserve this. The winner will be announced with the first post of our new mission which should only be a week or two away.

Regards to you all



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