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The Right Choice

Posted on Sat Jul 18th, 2009 @ 4:55am by Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

With nominations for Crew's Choice opening up recently, I've been thinking a fair bit about the crew of the Genesis. Now, I'm not new to Simming - although the Genesis marks my return after a three year hiatus, I had previously served in Bravo Fleet for six years on a number of simms, including one awarded Bravo Fleet's Simm of the Year. I've met plenty of nice people, and written with many talented writers.

Thinking of each of you individually based on a number of contributing factors that may or may not lead to a nomination for Crew's Choice, I have come to a realization. Although the Genesis will soon be docking at a Starbase as a permanent assignment, it has been truly blessed up until now. You are all among the most talented writers I have ever had the pleasure of simming with. Although I have yet to get to know any of you personally, you all interact so smoothly with each other, and seem to have so much invested in your characters. I genuinely get the feeling that this crew is a family, and am proud to consider myself a new part of it. In the short time I've been with you, I have had an incredible amount of fun writing with you all, and reading the things you each come up with. I look forward to getting to know you all more, and am absolutely certain that I made the right choice when choosing a simm to join.

Congratulations, Captain. You certainly have a FINE crew. :)


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Category: Out of Character