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Back From The Show

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2009 @ 7:03am by

OK, the show I was involved with has now closed, and it was a smash hit, and almost a sell out. Now its time for me to turn my full attention back to our little sim. We are nearly there now guys. Just a few more posts and we can reunite the two half's of our crew and start a fresh new style for what will arise from Genesis.

Since we will be running a station, and also since I have invited the crews of the other ships in TF86 to join us, so they can interact with us during there time at our station, I would encourage all of you, once we are officially in story handed the station, to try and build character. It leads to more interesting story telling if the plot line is just happening, and the character is what drives the posts. More than that, we get a much richer cast of characters to play with.

I am hoping that we can explore more facets of the Human condition with this rebirth of the sim since we will be staying still, we will have more time to run personal story telling, just interlaced with the fun action packed story's that we have somehow become renowned for. We are a part of the best Task Force within the fleet and I believe if we put our minds to it, we can get that Sim Of The Year Spot. Keep up the excellent work guys.




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