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Name Toka

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 183 lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Toka is rather short and stubby for a Ferengi, but carries himself proudly.


Children Christine Miller(Adopted)
Father Ton
Mother Islia

Personality & Traits

General Overview Toka does not do well with those who try to cross him, and can be very vindictive when crossed. Other than that, he is very mild mannered, and has a great sense of humor
Strengths & Weaknesses As most Ferengi, Toka has a great instinct for profit, but sometimes has trouble seeing past his own endeavors.
Ambitions To one day have more wealth than the Grand Nagus
Hobbies & Interests Poker, Tranding
Languages Ferengi, Federation Basic, Romulan, Klingon, Broken Cardassian

Personal History Toka began life as most Ferengi do, learning about profit. His mother, as most Ferengi women do, would educate the young Toka until he was ready to participate in his Naming Day ceremony. Toka's father was often away from Ferenginar on different business ventures, however he always checked up on his son and made sure that he was being groomed to be a well versed businessman. His father sent him two gifts, one was a single bar of gold pressed latinum, another was a silver coin. One side of the coin was pristine, with no marks on it whatsoever. The other side was scratched badly. His father said that should he ever find himself in a difficult decision, flip the coin and trust fate. Young Toka didn't know that the the gifts that he had been given would turn out to help him in the long run.

Toka learned well the practices of business. During his Attainment Ceremony, He traded the bar of latinum, which was found to be a very rare striking, for a small cargo warehouse on the east side of his home town, Holira. He opened his business, arranging the transit of goods with his father's D'Kora class vessel, the Omba. The father son team made a great business shipping all sorts of goods, until one day his father did as all Ferengi do, maximize their profits. Ton decided to start taking on side jobs, making some of his shipment late, and dropping others in space to transport other cargo. When Toka found out about this he was furious, and questioned his father upon his return to Ferenginar. Ton quoted Rule of Acquisition number six "Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity". While this made Toka even more furious, he used it as a training tool. The next day, he liquidated his business, and took his father's vessel, leaving Ferenginar to find more opportunities for profit.

The crew of the Omba were weary at first of having such a young Ferengi in command, but Toka would soon prove his worth. He lead the crew on an endeavor with a devious Romulan named T'Ket. T'Ket was looking for items to make a phase shifting cloaking device, and put out messages to disguise his intentions. Toka stumbled upon this by accident, and signed on to find and deliver these items. T'Ket was so impressed with Toka's speed and accuracy, that he hired him to deliver the finished prototype. Toka had no intention to deliver this device to T'Ket's people, and instead went to the Romulan Government, which not only payed handsomely for the device, but destroyed T'Ket's vessel with all hands aboard. The Omba crew were impressed with Toka's business skills, and decided to trust him as their leader and DaiMon.

Toka spent ten years as DaiMon of the Omba before his crew tried to betray him. They attempted to leave him stranded on a planet while he was finishing a deal, but what they did not know is that Toka installed a device to control the Omba from wherever he was. He froze the Omba's engines while he finished his deal, then decided to turn off the life support systems. Typically Ferengi do not show such ruthlessness, especially to their own kind, but Toka was not one to be crossed. He purchased five basic androids before he left the planet, so that he could crew his vessel. The androids were completely loyal, and were not programmed to evolve, making the perfect crew for Toka.

He spent the next few years doing simple trading, until he found himself in an interesting position. He dropped out of warp at a usual hiding spot to rest and plan his next haul, but what he found would change his life forever. A Federation transport vessel was floating just outside the asteroid field. By the looks of it, the vessel had been attacked, and its crew either dead or taken prisoner. Toka, being the concerned citizen he was, decided to scan the vessel for any items that might be salvaged. He found, instead, a three year old human female. She was nearly lifeless when he beamed her onboard, but with the assistance of his androids, He was able to nurse her back to health. The I.D card she had been carrying in her pocket identified her as Christine Miller, daughter of Frank and Paula Miller. He assumed that her parents were killed onboard the vessel, and in an odd move for a Ferengi, decided to keep her onboard. Christine could not remember much about her past, but soon came to regard Toka as a father figure, and the closest thing she had to family. He taught her the ways of business, and the rules of acquisition, giving her a different insight into Ferengi culture than most Human's receive. Toka soon learned that Christine had a good instinct for business, but unlike Ferengi, She didn't have the drive to betray those she considered family. Toka took her under his wing, and would continue to involve her in his own business ventures.

About sixteen years after rescuing Christine, Toka decided it was time for a more stable business opportunity, and opened a lounge onboard a Federation space station. He instructed his androids to cloak the vessel using a stolen cloaking device, and await his return, hiding his vessel inside an asteroid. Toka brought Christine with him, to give her a chance to interact with her own kind.