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Lieutenant Michael Lake

Name Michael Xander Lake

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Mike is young and quite atractive. He is medium build, not very muscular and medium hight. He has short, brown hair that he keeps very clean and usually gelled. He generally doesn't bother to pay a huge amount of attention to his appearence; he knows he needs to look decent for duty, and makes sure of that. In an attempt to 'man up' a little; he has started growing a goatee type of thing; its more like a couple of days growth of stubble.


Father R. Adm Graham Lake
Mother Diana Lake
Sister(s) Sheridan Lake
Other Family Graham Greenbacon, uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mike is just the typical, very young, idolised and ambition driven Starfleet officer that everyone expects him to be. He is strong, determined and has a flare for adventure. He is cocksure, headstrong and persistent and the appearence hides his true insecurities; mainly to do with the fact he is a little scared he will die. Despite all that he is good natured and kind; if people give him the oportunity or the time of day. He is a born leader and was captain of his hand ball and cricket teams in his senior year at the academy. Realising that his persona was no longer acceptable by the standard of an officer rising through the ranks, he decided it was best that he picked up the pieces of his life and finally became an adult. Not only was it 'standards' but several other factors that had effected him greatly that made this change.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mike is a strong leader, he has a pretty good physical condition and is pretty intelligent and a bit of an allrounder he has advanced knowlege of Engineering, Science and Helm, he has a pretty good tactical knowlege as well; which is what his job needs.
Mike is quite stubbon when he thinks he is right, he won't give up and usually lands himself in trouble. Despite his outstanding psysical condition, his body sometimes gives up on him when he needs it, he needs to realise with his strength he needs to use his mind to control it. Mike is all too vulnerable to death of people and has a hard time with dealing with loss.
Ambitions Like most Starfleet officers his age, Mike wants to Captain a Starfleet vessel. He also wants to meet the right woman, he has had is heart broken and has been screwed over so many times that he can use his experience to tell if a person is right or not, 9 times out of 10, they aren't the one.
Hobbies & Interests Mike loves eating, drinking as much alchohol and coffee he can and getting the best out of every culture he can find. Mike can become obsessed with the gym and has a weekly training regime that he sticks to very carefully, the gym is also somewhat of an outlet to "Score".
He likes to spend a little time playing holo-novels and also collects action figures from the late 20th and early 21st century; something that people pay him out for, he just laughs and walks on. Mike is an accomplished archer, he is the youngest archer to recieve the "Master Bowman" medal at the age of 14, he also holds several other archery accomplishments and is a "dead shot" with most bows.
Mike has recently addopted a pet; a domesticated Catullan Jupp-Jupp, which resembles a small, tuskless, colourful, fury, 2 headed elephant, Idaboo. Idaboo is named after the cat his sister and he had when they were kids; its name was really Isabell though.
Mike enjoys feeding the animal, because its about the only thing he can do with it; apparently... it can fetch a ball and peel a banana, but thats only what the Catuallan merchant told him.
Languages English and the standards

Personal History Early Years and Education
Mike's first years were fairly lonely. He would spend alot of time with his parents and also spent alot of time at school. When his sister was born when he was about five, had something to truely cherrish and spent more time with his baby sister. As they grew up, Sheridan and Mike would develop an unbreakable bond. When Mike got into high school he spent no time with friends, and the people who accepted him wouldn't spend a terribley large amount of time with him. As he progressed through high school he became more compatible with the people around him and started playing handball, archery and cricket with his friends, which lead to a love for all 3 of the sports. He played cricket at a semi-professional level, captaining the high school team seven times in various tornements, he also captained the Academy archery team in all his competitions. When he finished his education, he needed to make a serious decision about what he was going to do with his life, he had a rough idea, but not a fully complete one. He toyed with many ideas until he stumbled across an idea to join Starfleet.

Mike applied for the academy the acdemy entrance twice. He was originally rejected for entrance at the age of 17, and then reapplied at 18 for the entrance exam. After a six month wait, he finally got a wildcard entry to the preliminary examinations. He did quite well in the exam and was caught in a tie with another exam participant. With the immediate result needing to be that only one of the canidates could enter the academy, the two were sent into a sudden death test. Mike won by one mark and was the chosen canidate to become a cadet.
Mike loved the academy and all his instructors and fellow students loved him because of his objectivness and overall enthusiastic approach to everything he did. He trained as a pilot, scientist and also took up an extra subject of field medicine that lead him to a career in starship operations. He was a key player in the development of the type 14 sensor palets that are currently in use aboard most newer ships and nearly all of the older ships in the fleets.
Mike graduated from the academy at the age of 22 at the rank of ensign.

Starfleet Officer
Mike was originally assigned to the USS Pioneer, but was pulled from the assignment to serve on the Galaxy Class, USS Wales as Chief Science Officer to farmiliarise the crew in the operation of the Type 14 sensors. He also regularly served as XO when the XO and 2XO were on special assignment. He later was the officer who went against orders to uncover what the XO and 2XO were really doing when they magically were pulled from their permament assignments on the Wales and put on temporary assignment every few weeks. His findings lead to him owing several Starfleet officers massive favors, but his time consuming work that was performed off the radar, uncovered the truth. The two officers were only two of about seventy of Starfleet's command level officers in a massive terrorist operation. He found that a little known Rear-Admiral, who Starfleet command had little knowlege of and interest in, was organising an operation to destroy an embassy of the Rhanni, who were very new to the Federation that was in his eyes "Were going to ruin the Federation". Mike risked losing his career after reporting it to his CO who was completely blind to the situation. And was given a order of restraint that confined him to the Wales for 6 months. He then left and chased up a career in operations. Finding that there was a position of Assistant Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Genesis, he applied and got in.
He was shaken up when the CO, XO and several other of the Genesis senior officers were killed, including his chief. He held together pretty well as he delt with their deaths. He didn't take to kindly to getting more staff, he would have rathered that people aboard just filled vacant postions and got new officers to fill the lesser positions, however this obviously wasn't the intent of Starfleet who assigned several more officers to fill postions no questions asked. Mike moved up the chain of command, he was none the less happy about that.
Mike was promoted to full Lieutenant on stardate 61924.69 for efforts on the Genesis' mission involving the SS West Ridge.
He later went on the away mission to the planet Linta to investigate the inccident on the 'Sky' Observation Post.
Service Record Starfleet Academy, 4 years, freshman-senior
USS Wales, Chief Science Officer/ aXO, Ensign
USS Genesis, Assistant Chief Operations Officer, Ensign,
USS Genesis, Chief Operations Officer, Lt JG,
Promoted to Lieutenant (Stardate 61924.69)