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Lieutenant JG Fiona Saunders

Name Fiona Saunders

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Fiona tries to keep in good physical shape by frequenting the gym wherever she is at. She keeps her hair up most of the time, and doesn't care about makeup or anything like that.


Father Simon Taylor
Mother Daleera Taylor
Brother(s) Jason Taylor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fiona speaks her mind, no matter whom she is talking to. She has a quick temper, and has been in the brig more than once for throwing the first punch. She takes no nonsense from those who have worked under her, and those who serve over her. Off duty, she can be a very sweet and caring person, if you catch her in the right mood.
Strengths & Weaknesses Fiona is very adept at hand to hand combat and melee combat. She is very good at thinking her way around technical problems, but tends to do better using her fists with people. She has trouble getting close to people, and tends to shut them out when they do so.
Ambitions Fiona joined starfleet because she had nothing else to do with her life, and still has no real big ambitions. She one day wants to meet a man who isn't afraid of her and start a family, but she doubts that will ever happen.
Hobbies & Interests She likes to play pool, darts, rand does a little bit of rock climbing in the holodeck when she can.
Languages Federation Basic, Klingon

Personal History ==Early Years==
Fiona was born into the home of Simon and Daleera Taylor on March 3rd, 2360. The family lived in a small three bedroom apartment on the upper side of Manhattan in New York City. Simon was a civilian shuttle pilot for the New York Transit Authority, and spent his days shuttling important people to and from New York. Her mother ran her own counseling service, using her Betazoid abilities to help her clients. Fiona's brother was three years older than she was, giving them a true brother sister relationship. They spent a good bit of time together growing up, as they were often stuck at day care for many hours while their parents worked.

==Growing Up==
Fiona had trouble fitting in at school. She didn't like the girly girl attitude, and spent much of her time playing football or other sports with her brother and his friends. That was all well and good in elementary school, but once the two started to grow older, Jason found it difficult always having his little sister by his side. When Jason entered highschool, his attitude towards Fiona changed completely as he was trying to fit into a crowd that looked down on younger kids. Fiona was devastated, and turned to the only thing she could feel at that point: violence. She lashed out at a boy who had been hassling her, and beat him savagely, giving him a concussion and a broken nose. She was suspended from school, making her even more angry. Fiona's parents sent her to anger management therapy which helped her learn to control her temper, but the beast that was unleashed would never truly go away. The relationship between Fiona and Jason would never be the same,

During her senior year in high school, Fiona was having trouble deciding where she would go next. Her grades were impeccable, but her attitude left alot to be desired. She had been in many fights over the years, and that was sure to be noticed by any employer. A teacher suggested she try Starfleet Academy. Attendance at the academy was at an all time low, and they were willing to look past her poor attitude. She was accepted, and went straight into her classes.

Fiona tried to avoid most people, as she was likely to get into some sort of confrontation. She focused hard on her studies, deciding to take on the field on Intelligence. Intel was something she could work well at, using her mind to solve problems instead of her fist. She found an outlet to vent her frustration, thus allowing herself to open up to those around her. She began to make friends, but was still cautious about letting people get too close.

Fiona graduated on time, and among the top 30% of her class. She was assigned as an Intel officer onboard the Wildcat class vessel USS Fissure.

==First Assignment==
Fiona found herself in the brig more often than not during her first assignment. She was very outspoken about policies and proceedures onboard, and often encouraged the enlisted members of her department to speak out as well. The CO was very lenient and gave her many opportunities to redeem herself, but Fiona would not listen to reason. The CO was put in a difficult position, as he could not find a more capable officer to run their encryption networks that Fiona, but could not tolerate her attitude. He tried an experiment, and gave her control over her own Intel department. She now had full control over policies and proceedures within her department, and while she still had issues with the way the vessel was run, she kept silent. Two years onboard earned her a transfer to a new duty assignment, with a promotion to Chief Intelligence Officer.
Service Record 2383: Intelligence Officer, USS Fissure
2385: Chief Intelligence Officer, Starbase 611