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2nd Lieutenant Nathan Jeffries

Name Nathan Oscar Jeffries

Position Marine Executive Officer

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Nathan is a very youthful looking man but is physically fit and athletic

He has a tattoo of "Semper Fi" on his left shoulder and "War and Peace on his back.


Father Charles
Mother Sabrina
Brother(s) Graham

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is very calm and cautious when it comes to leading his Marines and divising strategy.

He is very open with others and cares for his Marines
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a skilled sniper and medic and a master of unarmed combat.

However Nathan does lack the experience and can sometimes act without thinking.
Ambitions To become a Four Star General
Hobbies & Interests Nathan takes a keen interest in history and galactic law

Polotics is another interest in his life
Languages English, Vulcan Orion Klingon Romulan Ferengi

Personal History Nathan was born on November 5th 2359 at Camp Tyler, Mars.

Growing up into a Marine family he mastered the Corps ethos at 4 and by age 5 knew everything about the Marines.

At 16 he entered Officer school reaching top of his class in every subject but excelled at Sniping and explosives.

By age 20 he was assigned to USS Roosevelt as a platoon CO.

During his time onboard he had fought with an army of robot Centurions discovered on a recon mission that attempted to capture the ship however he destroyed their version of Ceaser causing them to overload and explode.

Later that year he was stabbed in the chest by a crazed crew member and was forced to under go emergency surgery.

By 2382 Nathan had experienced so much in a short period of time earning his nick name of Rascal which stuck with through his various assignments.

In 2384 he transfered to Starbase 611 as a First Lieutenant starting a fresh new journey into the unknown.
Service Record 2375-2379 Officer training

2379-2382 USS Roosevelt

2382 Starfleet Medical

2383 Marine HQ

2384 Starbase 611