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Name Shenk

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferrengi
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description To most humans, Shenk looks Ferrengi - big ears, orangy skin... what's the difference?

Ferrengi would regard Shenk as being handsome with good lobes, but with a world-weary look about him. Purist Ferrengi would also note his standoffish demeanor and strong cynical streak with intense disapproval - such things are poisonous to good customer relations and a healthy profit line.


Spouse Reportedly (Possibly by the name of "Pel", if rumours are worth listening to)
Children Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shenk is a surprising package for a Ferrengi. Not only is he highly suspicious of business propositions, but he seems (from a Ferrengi perspective at least) almost disinterested in Profit!

Shenk is certainly highly intelligent and a shrewd judge of character. And although he clearly isn't fond of humans (or people in general), quite often his customers prefer dealing with him over dealing with other Ferrengi as he is surprisingly streightforward and fair dealing. He almost seems to regard the usual Ferrengi scams and tricks of the trade as insultingly beneath him.

That said, he is certainly well off, and the money has to have come from somewhere...
Strengths & Weaknesses Shenk has been remarked as having a mind as sharp as a razor. This is most obvious in his dealings with people - he is a superb judge of character, and quick to pick up nuance. He is also technically quite clever, although he avoids using these skills much.

Shenk is, however, not a social soul - many people find him abrasive and dissagreable. He also has a strong cynical streak that can alienate others and mean missed opportunities. But Shenk seems quite comfortable not being a "People Person".
Ambitions Shenk, unlike nearly every Ferrengi, seems to have little in the way of ambition. He is interested in the success of his bookshop on Starbase 611, but not to the point of taking risks. He has a similar approach to his sideline businesses - which few people are clear on the details of. But all in all Shenk seems content to run his various business interests quietly and without fuss - enjoying the moderate success he's clearly had.
Hobbies & Interests Few people know much of the details of Shenk's hobbies and interests. He's reportedly married, although no-one has ever seen his wife. He has an interest in books (professionally as well as personally), spends some time in holodecks, and tends to tinker with technical trinkets from time to time. Whatever else he does, he keeps to himself.
Languages Ferengi, Federation, Yridian, Klingon, Romulan, Nausican, Vulcan, various others...

Personal History Shenk's personal history is little known. He started the bookshop on Starbase 611 some time ago, and recently began running it personally. He is also known to have various other business interests - such as a freight fleet of 2-3 minor cargo ships, and a small custom engineering firm somewhere in the Lokantai sector. But beyond these facts, there is little information about Shenk's background.

What is clear from observation is that he once enjoyed considerable financial success, and now is careful to keep his nose clean. He also seems to have some technical training.

On occasions, less reputable types have commented on their having once been a Ferrengi named "Shenk" connected with the Orion Syndicate. This figure, known by various nicknames such as "The Datawraith" and "The Digital Shadow" was reported to have been a computer hacker and digital criminal without peer - slicing his way through countless military grade computer systems without leaving a trace and filtering the information back to his employers. He also dissapeared off the scene some years ago.

The idea of the two being connected is of course laughable. Shenk is quite outspoken about his dislike of that particular organisation's business practices. And as everyone knows - no-one ever RETIRES from the Orion Syndicate.
Service Record N/A