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Lieutenant Eloise Star

Name Eloise Seth Star

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Unjoined Trill
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description Usual Trill spots running down body. Athletic appearance but definately feminine. Shoulder length black curls mostly worn up and out of the way. Silver eyes that pale to a light grey when feeling awkward, but a deep solid dark grey when angry. % star tattoos around her right wrist one for each member of her immediate family.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Matthew Seth
Mother Emerald Seth
Brother(s) Nykolai Seth, stephann Seth
Sister(s) Loida Seth
Other Family too many to mention

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bright and chipper, something she learnt to be rather than being naturally. An aquired habit. Would much rather be behind a book than the life of the party. She feels a strong need to help people whenever she can which led her down the pathway of being a counsellor. Slow to anger but easy to forgive people. Wants to see the best in people at all times.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her strengths are also her weaknesses. Wanting to help others no matter what the cost. Inquisitve by nature. Reliable, cool nature that sometimes comes off as being not approachable but all her friends know better.
Ambitions To see as much diversity from differnt planets as possible, which was why she joined star fleet.
Hobbies & Interests Cats, reading, travel, learning, music, friends, archaeology.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Born in the year 2354 to parents Emerald and Matthew Seth. Eloise was the third of four children. All of her family were unjoined. Up until now Eloise is still unjoined.

An exceptional child with a thirst for knowledge, she flew through school without a care in the world. She made all her classes look easy, when for others they could not say the same.

She was soon recomended for participation in becoming joined and went through many trials to be considered worthy. All of which were never stressful for her due to her happy go lucky nature.

She got along well with other children though from observation from her teachers seemed forced. She seemed to be a shy child that forced herself to be surrounded by friends when truly she preferred to be alone. However in saying that she was always first to help not only friends but other classmates in whatever way she possibly could.

Originally her plans were to go into archaeology, with plans of travelling the many worlds nearby Trill. It still fascinates her but has been put on the back burner and has become more of a part time hobby. As much as she liked the idea, she seemed more of a natural in helping her friends with advice so mid term she decided to change her studies and fell into the role of becoming a counsellor. It still meant she could travel but only if it went hand in hand with joining Star Fleet. So she found herself doing both courses at once.

Many times over the years she had been at the top of the list for a joining. Many times it had not happened. She found herself disappointed and angry at the way things were out of her control. Life had seemed so unfair at times. It had taken away her parents, and her siblings, leaving her feeling lost and alone. If it wasnt for her best friend she felt she would never had been able to cope. Although many years had passed since losing her family the pain was still just under the surface and still brought her to tears some days.

Her best friend was always supportive of her and although they had been assigned in different fields and different ships she knew without a doubt that they would always be close.

She had spent the last few years since graduating going from ship to ship as needed on a temporary basis filling in where needed. This will be her first permanent position. Something that frightens her and excites her. Life was meant to be challenging and she was always up for a challenge.
Service Record Serving for the last 3 years as a counsellor on many ships on a temporary basis where required. This included USS Jacklyn, Moresby, McGrath, Stylliainne, Betweth, amongst others.
Star Fleet academy alongside of her counselling course.
A part degree in Archeology