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Lieutenant Kriss Maxx

Name Kriss Maxx

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 0 lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue/grey
Physical Description Kriss Max is attractive, tall, athletic and strong with the usual Trill markings. His hair is short and his eyes change colour with the light from the blueness of humour to the grey coldness of steel. He is broad shouldered and his arms are slightly longer than most male Trill's making it a difficult to get off the peg clothes so he has them designed for him. His hands and fingers are long and slender that of a Doctor.
There are no outward signs of Kriss carrying the symbiote Max.


Father Kharrum Earath
Mother Sunisa Earath

Personality & Traits

General Overview Max is a talented linguist and has the unique ability to understand anyone's language with in a few minutes and then translate and relay it through Kriss. Where as Kriss is quiet and studious, a Doctor, likes to socialise a little and in his spare time he to writes holonovels. Max likes to socialise, party, tell jokes and play practical jokes on people and has a great sense of humour.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Kriss Max is very loyal and dedicated to his work. He's very supportive and a good listener. He will give his all above and beyond the call of duty.

He can be a little too enthusiastic and keen at times and drinks to much coffee for his own good.

Ambitions Max feels that a career in Communications might be more beneficial to Star Fleet.
Hobbies & Interests Music, playing various musical instruments, writing holonovels when he has the time, amateur archaeology.
Languages The Symbiote Max is a linguist

Personal History Kriss was a premature baby and needed an operation when he was born to correct a heart problem.
When he was growing up he had suffered from a broken leg and various childhood illnesses that resulted in him going to either the hospital or the Doctors. He became interested in becoming a Doctor and helping people from a very young age, preferring to look after sick teddy bears and animals to playing outside with his friends. He had always said that this was what he wanted to do when he grew up. His mother Sunisa was a nurse at the hospital and helped him study, he worked hard refusing to give up.

When he gained all his qualifications Kriss went into general practice. He enjoyed the variety of work and helping people get well. For a while he was quite happy in this but felt that something else was missing in his life. His parents suggested that he look into being joined with a symbiote. Kriss applied to the Symbiosis Commission. He knew as a Host initiate he must pass all required tests and have his application approved by the Commission in order to become a host. They say that one half the population of Trill are capable of being joined.

They asked him if he would join with the simbiote Max. His previous long term host had died traumatically and they had had a difficult time finding the right host for Max since then. They thought that as Kriss was a Doctor he would understand some one who had lost some one, Kriss agreed.

Max's last host was Rory Elnara a Journalist with one of the news stations on Trill. It was a perfect match and they made a good team they easily picked up different languages which was a real help in the sticky situations they some times found themselves in. During the war with the Dominion, many journalists were losing their lives he was paired up with another Trill journalist Sileth Rekcut. Together they travelled to the front lines, different planets and space stations reporting back and letting people know what was happening. It was whilst they were on Bajor during a skirmish that he proposed to her and she said yes. It was during the skirmish that they got separated they had arranged before hand that if anything was to happen they would make their way back to Trill and meet up there. A shuttle took off with Rory on it, he saw Sileth but he couldn't get to her. They had only been in the air for a short while when the shuttle was shot down, they managed to get him out and the last thing he remembered was being in her arms and Rory had died.

All this Max relayed to Kriss and Kriss understood he would help the traumatised Max and maybe even find Sileth one day.

Max accepted Kriss and the new partnership began but gradually and without Kriss noticing it at first Max's personality began to be the more dominant and Kriss was beginning to disappear.

Soon after their joining Max joined Starfleet. Starbase 611 is his first posting.