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Command Chief Master Sergeant Maiek Kierianh

Name Maiek tr' Kierianh

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Command Chief Master Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Maiek possesses the regal nature of his Romulan heritage combined with a charisma unknown to most Romulans. Those of the Federation would refer to him as tall dark and handsome with a winning smile, uncharacteristic for a Romulan. He is athletically built, though not overtly muscular and prefers simple, albeit tasteful clothing.


Father Senator Zhanik tr' Kierianh
Mother Classified
Brother(s) Colonel Terrh tr' Kierianh

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maiek switches quite easily between the standard Romulan aloofness and superiority with a natural charisma and charm largely unknown amongst the Romulan people.
Ambitions Coming from a Senatorial family it is largely assumed that Maiek desires to follow in the footsteps of his father.
Languages Romulan, Klingon, Standard, Cardassian, Ferengi

Personal History The following is classified information known only in the highest circles of Romulan and Federation Intelligence.


Maiek tr' Kierianh was born to the then Romulan Ambassador to the Federation Zhanik tr' Kierianh and his human diplomatic liason attache Karen Miller. This makes Maiek a Human Romulan hybrid, however nothing short of genetic testing would uncover his mixed lineage.

The romance between his parents did not last long given that Zhanik already had a family back on Romulus. When he finished his time as the Romulan Ambassador he fought fiercely for custody of his infant son Maiek. Following a period of lengthy litigation and pressure on the Federation Maiek was given to his father to return to Romulus.

While on Romulus, Maiek was raised as if a natural born Romulan, he attended the finest schools, played with other Romulan children and wanted for very little. Life for Maiek was standard for a well-off family on Romulus, that is until his fathers bid for a Senatorial seat came.

At the time Maiek was finishing his high school education at a pre-Imperial Star Navy academy. He was all but guaranteed acceptance into the Officers Academy. It was at this time Maiek's life would take a drastic change. One of Zhanik's opponents discovered Maiek's mixed lineage, a potential crippling blow in the xenophobic political climate of the time. Zhanik and Maiek discussed the difficult situation and it was decided that it would be st for all involved if Maiek was to leave Romulus and return to Earth to live with his mother.

Though a crushing blow to Maiek it would lead to a new opportunity to the young man. A number of Karen Miller's associates in Federation Intelligence saw a great opportunity for the Federation in the young expatriate Romulan. Federation Intelligence thought to use the young man as an intelligence agent based on Romulus with the cover of being a diplomatic officer. Maiek was enrolled in Starfleet Academy with his official major as a diplomatic officer, however in reality he was trained as a deep cover intelligence agent.

Maiek was never to become active however as before he was to graduate it was deemed too risky to antagonize the Romulan's and Maiek was instead commissioned as a rank and file Intelligence Officer.

Maiek's first posting was on the USS Thermopylae where he stayed for 3 years, rising from a lowly ensign to Lieutenant Commander and the Chief Intelligence Officer.

Following his promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Maiek was transfered to the USS Visionary as the Executive Officer. He remained as the XO on the Visionary for 2 years, eventually being promoted to Commander. After 2 years the command structure of the Visionary was given an overhaul, with an entirely new senior staff brought in and Maiek found himself without a ship.

He used that time to reconnect with his father and brother on Romulus. With the political climate shifting to a less xenophobic one Maiek was welcomed back to his home world. While on Romulus his brother Terrh convinced Maiek to return to Romulus permanently and work with the Tal Shiar.

Maiek officially resigned as an officer in Star Fleet and returned permanently to Romulus. It wasnt long before he began his unofficial Tal Shiar training and within a year was assigned to the IRW Praetor with the rank of Major.

His time as a starship officer would be shortlived however as the Tal Shiar saw an opportunity for Maiek to be of most use as a diplomat for the Romulan Star Empire aboard Starbase 611.


Officially Maiek tr' Kierianh was born on Romulus to Romulan parents and was groomed from birth to be a diplomatic officer. Only the highest level of Starfleet and the Tal Shiar know different.