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1st Lieutenant Delvok Laurie

Name Delvok "David" Laurie

Position Company Commander

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 76

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Being half Vulcan, David has the strereotypical ears, eyebrows and slight green tint to his complection. That is where the Vulcan look ends. His hair is kept in a more human short style.

When not in uniform he can be found wearing human clothes.

David has a number of small scars on his hands, arms and chest, but none on his face amazingly. He refuses to have them removed as they remind him to keep his mind in the game.


Spouse Helen
Father Solvik (deceased)
Mother Eve (deceased)
Sister(s) T'Sel

Personality & Traits

General Overview David has a bit of a double personality; he can be very logical like a Vulcan, but also emotional like a human. Generally, he's like a quiet human, but can be very emotional at times.

When in the field fighting the enemy, he is as cool as any Vulcan until one of his men are injured or in real danger, then his emotions can get the better of him.

He can come across as a bit arrogant at times and brash as well. Others find him cold and distant, especially if he isn't overly fond of them.

Having never had Vulcan mental training as such, David can become very frustrated when he can't control his emotions or is unable to form a functioning mindmeld. Mostly this doesn't bother him, but occasionally he can get rather caught up about it.

He hates being called Delvok.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Physically capable, good thinker, can use logic and his emotions to arrive at decisions, good shot, very loyal to friends.

Weaknesses: His emotions can get in the way of his logic and vice versa, can be argumentitive, not good at mindmelds, strong emotional out bursts can be painful and tiring, can seem cold.
Ambitions To rise up the ranks of the Marines, have children some day, find the perfect balance between his human and Vulcan heritage.
Hobbies & Interests Spending time with his wife, meditating, physical training, reading, listening to old Earth music.
Languages Fed Standard, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, basic Cardassian

Personal History David was born Delvok on Starbase 10 near the Romulan Neutral Zone. His Vulcan father, Solvik was the First officer of the base, his mother a musician. His father's daughter from a previous marriage also lived with them.

When about a year old, his father was called to take the stations support vessel, the USS Archer, to Tomed along with numerous other Federation ships. During the battle, Solvik was killed when ths ship took heavy fire from a Warbird.

After Solvik's death, Eve returned to Earth where she raised T'Sel and David. Because of this, David never recieved the normal Vulcan mental training, instead only getting tips off T'Sel, who is also half human.

As a child, David was teased by other children, which made him take a more human name instead of the Vulcan one he was born with. He also decided to take his mother's maiden name as his surname to appear more human. Despite this, he was always proud of his Vulcan heritage away from the bullies.

At school, David performed well in his academic studies, but was often socially awkward. He did have a number of friends, usually from species other than human all banding together and a few outcast humans. A school report once said of him "David is a peacemaker, although he often uses 'aggressive negotiations', that are often not approved of."

After leaving school, he drifted for a few years doing odd jobs with out much direction. Eventually, his mother suggested Starfleet or the Marines as an option, if only for a few years.

In 2331, David enlisted in the Marines after going to a recruitment centre. He performed reasonably well and was assigned to the USS Hellenic as a Marine sniper with the rank of Private. He remained on the Hellenic for 15 year, leaving only to full fill the pon farr. He left the Hellenic with the rank of Sergeant.

Between the Hellenic and his new assignment on the Berlin he underwent pon farr again. During his first, David went to Vulcan to a woman his grandparents had choosen for him, but she choose kal-if-fee. David was beaten, but his opponent didn't kill him. After that, David used meditation to control the blood fever.

On the Berlin, David was given command of a small unit of men. He performed well, leading the men with passion and never leaving a man behind.

During the Cardassian War, the Berlin took part in a number of battles, with her Marines seeing numerous ground assaults. David took part in many and was promoted to Sergeant Major by the end of the War.

In 2364 David was offered a commission, which he accepted. After some retraining he was deployed to Starbase 10 after the Romulans reappeared. There, David meet an enegmatic woman called Helen. She ran a small shop that sold knick-knacks and did some teaching as well.

For some weeks, David watched Helen with interest, noting that she seemed not totally human. Eventually he went into the shop in order to by a present for T'Sel and got talking to her. He asked her on a date, but she turned him down at first.

A few weeks later, he tried again and Helen agreed to give him a chance. It turned out she was an El-Aurian, which surprised him greatly, epsecially since she used a human name.

In 2372, David was reassigned to the USS Paris in preperation for the possible Dominion Invasion. During the War, David fought in many battles and gained several medals. He emerged from the War with few injures.

Late in 2375, he was promoted to MXO of the USS Thunderchild where he again met Helen, where she was teaching. The renewed their friendship and started to date shortly afterwards.

David went through pon farr again in 2380 and Helen became his wife when she helped him through the blood fever.

Over the next 6 years, David performed his duties to the best of his ability and was eventually promoted to MCO of the Starbase 611.
Service Record 2331: Enlists in the Marines.
2332: Private, Marine sniper, USS Hellenic
2334: Promoted to Private 1st Class
2338: Promoted to Lance Corporal
2343: Promoted to Corporal
2345: Promoted to Sergeant, Squad Leader
2346: Assigned to USS Berlin, Squad Leader
2348: Promoted to Staff Sergeant
2353: Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant, First Sergeant
2356: Promoted to Master Sergeant
2362: Promoted to Sergeant Major
2364: Accepted a commission. After some weeks retraining, Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, assigned to Starbase 10
2372: Assigned to USS Paris
2375: Promoted to Marine Detachment XO, USS Thunderchild
2386: Promoted to Marine Detachment CO, Starbase 611