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Kasik Torr

Name Kasik Torr

Position Chef

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Sandy
Eye Color Bright Green
Physical Description Tall and well built for a religious man, Vedek Torr Kasik's most striking feature are always though to be his eyes - regarded as kind and gentle by some, and deep and soulful by others.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Torr Danm (Deceased)
Mother Torr Imoro
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Torr Irisa, Torr Tial (Deceased)
Other Family Torr Kels (Aunt)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kasik is perhaps best described as complex. A deeply spiritual and philosophical man, he is a figure of great integrity and humility - respected by many Bajorans. Kasik is a surprise package for many people. Once a soldier, he is now a dedicated peacemaker. As a Vedek, he is a man of unconventional thinking who has little regard for the high status his position affords him. And as a man of the cloth, he surprises people both with his courage and his willingness to mix with ordinary folk and get his hands dirty.

Kasik dislikes politics, although he is a staunch defender of rights and ideals.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kasik is noted for being a man of significant bravery and integrity. He also holds little regard for his status, and is known as being easily approachable. He values people highly, and is a staunch advocate of the ideas of forgiveness and reconciliation - not always popular concepts on Bajor, especially when the Cardassians are involved. He is a clever judge of character, and a shrewd diplomat - some of his best work (which got him elevated to the role of Vedek) was diplomatic in nature.

Kasik does have an abillity to rub leaders and powermongers up the wrong way. He is also regarded by some (particularly in the Vedek assembly) as too idealistic. His departure from Bajor to set up a mission on a remote station (normally a role that would fall to a lowly Prylar or Ranjen) is now cited as one example of this "romantic idealism".
Ambitions Vedek Torr seeks to gather all that will listen to the Way of the Prophets, and to show the love of the prophets even to those who will never listen to that message. He also has a long term dream to see Bajor forgive it's old enemies - such as the Cardassians, and even the Dominion. He is convinced that grudges and the quest for revenge ultimately destroy those who harbour the grudge.
Hobbies & Interests Kasik is a keen reader and scholar - with a particular interest in the beliefs and philosophies of alien cultures. He is also a keen player of the Bajoran pan-flute, and a sketch artist - with a particular flair for charcol sketching.

A legacy of his days as a soldier, Kasik also maintains a disciplined fitness routine. He still practices martial arts with willing partners and holodeck opponents, although now he focuses entirely on non-lethal forms based on counter-force - such as Judo, and the Vulcan art of Kesa'kuu.

He also does much aid work with the poor and disadvantaged.
Languages Bajoran, Federation (Spoken), Various other (Read)

Personal History A Bajoran resitance fighter during the occupation, Kasik had seen more than his fair share of violence by the time he was 20. After the occupation he was inducted into the Militia and decorated for bravery, but was not promoted very high, due to unsubstantiated reports of an unhealthy inclination towards brutal violence in combat. He continued with the Militia for many years, building a reputation as a good officer, but with a deep and abiding malice toward cardassia and it's people.

At 27, not long after the end of the Dominion war, he was met by a Vedek living in his area and given the chance of an encounter with the Orb of Change - which he reluctantly accepted. He emerged an utterly changed man, and promptly resigned from the military and adopted the Way of the Prophets - becoming a lowly Prylar around a year later.

After that, his passionate voice and newly found spiritual vigor saw him noticed by the Vedeks, and his good works among Bajor's poor, and later the aid and rebuilding efforts on Cardassian worlds saw him promoted within the order. He was eventually promoted to Vedek after preventing three potentially bloody diplomatic incidents between Cardassians and Bajorans.

His time in the Vedek assembly was not long - so disenchanted was he with the politics and in-fighting within the Vedek assembly. Rather than renouncing his position altogether, he took the contraversial step of leaving to personally found a Mission on the Federation station DS7 - a role normally performed by a more junior member of the order.