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Ensign Carlos Rojas

Name Carlos Rojas

Position Stellar Cartographer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Chestnut
Eye Color Electric Blue
Physical Description Athletic build, pale skin, hair pulled back into a shoulder length pony-tail.


Father Tomas
Mother Alicia

Personality & Traits

General Overview Enjoys reading, playing games. Dry sense of humor, but has moments of witty humor. Mild Acrophobia
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Excellent organizational skills

Short temper
Weak right leg

Ambitions Short-Term Goals: Find and analyze a new species
Long-Term Goals: Form an Advanced Science Institute on Cestus III.

Hobbies & Interests Reading
Playing sports
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Early Years
Carlos was born in Pike City on Cestus III. As a child he was somewhat of an outcast. His family was made to feel unwelcome because of their Hispanic heritage. It confused them at first, but they soon decided that they would be better off if they did everything they could to fit in. As a result, Carlos was never exposed to the traditions and other aspects of his heritage.

Carlos spent his youth playing every sport he could find. At the age of 12 he became the first Junior League Baseball player to hit 2 Grand Slams in one game. That garnered the attention of scouts from the Pike City Pioneers, who wanted him to play for their Junior League team. He declined, and continued playing for his school’s team.

At the age of 14, Carlos joined a newly formed Parrises Squares team. His team played well, and became the first ever PS team to win a Cestus III Championship Emblem. Disaster struck for the team when they were entered into an interplanetary tournament. The team had played well on Cestus III mainly because it was a new sport and no one really had any experience. The tournament pit the C3PS team (as they called themselves) against much more experienced teams, and Carlos’s team was humiliated.

The next year, Carlos’s team again won the Championship Emblem for Cestus III, but refused to enter the interplanetary tournament. They knew their limits and were happy with what they had achieved.

Later that year, when Carlos was 15, his life as an athlete came to an end due to a tragic accident while exploring with his best friend, Eric. They were exploring one of the ruins from the old Gorn attack, and Carlos slipped and fell almost 20 feet, landing at an awkward angle and shattering his right leg. The Pike City medical staff was able to repair the leg, but he was never able to perform the way that he use to.

Discouraged and heartbroken over losing his favorite pastimes, Carlos turned to science. He studied under his father and mother, but later turned to Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography. His parents were thrilled to see that their son was adding to the “Family’s Sciences”, but were worried that he was taking on too much. Those worries were unfounded, as Carlos soon proved that he was capable of handling a “Dual-Science” course load. His main interest eventually shifted to Stellar Cartography, but he maintained his studies in Astrophysics as best as he could.

At the age of 18, Carlos realized that he needed more advanced training. He applied for admission to Starfleet Academy, but was declined due to a “mix-up” at the Admissions Office. He immediately filed an appeal and was accepted. With the opportunity to finally leave Cestus III, Carlos vowed to his parents that he would do everything that he could to embrace the heritage they had denied him. One week later he caught a transport to Earth and began his life as a member of Starfleet.

At the Academy, Carlos attempted to participate in sports events, but his leg wouldn’t support him. He gave up once again and focused on his studies. He worked hard and did his best, but only managed to make it into the Top Ten of his class.
Service Record 2363: Born in Pike City on Cestus III
2382: Accepted to Starfleet Academy
2386: Graduated from Starfleet Academy - Stellar Cartography & Astrophysics