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Name Rolec

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color bald
Eye Color grey
Physical Description Rolec has a stocky build with a lovely set of jagged pointed teeth common to his species. He dresses in typical Ferengi style, favouring gold and red in his outfits.


Father Bek, 69, currently serving time on Acamar III for insurance fraud
Mother Souark, 66, currently on Ferenginar managing the family home
Brother(s) Stog, 31, Ferenginar, currently managing remains of family interests there
Sister(s) Toki, 18, Lom, 20, Ferenginar learning to be new Ferengi females

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rolec is sly guy who is generally interested in helping in anyway he can as long as he sees the benefit of it for himself. He typically comes across as pleasant, especially to females, and a willingness to get involved in those ventures where he can see a profit. His many experiences with Starfleet have left him a bit jaded however, as many encounters have left him feeling that Starfleet is racially motivated against him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rolec is an excellent business man, who's many experiences dealing with non-Ferengi have taught him how to treat customers. Rolec's main weakness is that he believes all Starfleet personnel are racially bias against Ferengi and therefore won't offer any real justice or assistance in times of need.
Ambitions Rolec has only ambition in life, and that is to ensure he earns enough in this life to satisfy the Blessed Exchanger and buy himself a really comfortable next life.
Hobbies & Interests Ferengi game of Tongo, females of most species, holodeck adventures, any chance for profit
Languages Ferengi, Standard, Klingon, Romulan

Personal History Rolec grew up in the family home on Ferenginar, his father was a way from home a lot on business, and his mother along with his siblings mostly raised him. It was at the typical age of 8 that he received his first copy of the Rules of Acquisition. A momentous day indeed, and Rolec spent the next three months doing nothing but studying the book and until he was able to quote it without effort.

It was this event that inspired him to open a Millipede Juice stand in his local neighbourhood. Rolec worked very hard at his fledgling business, co-opting the other children in the neighbourhood to work for him as employees instead of starting their own businesses. The strategy proved to be a big success and Rolec sold the business as a franchise group to his employees at the age 14.

Rolec took his new fortune and purchased an apprenticeship after his Attainment Ceremony as Junior Operations Consult for a local food company. The company was heavily invested breakfast food brand and was rapidly gaining a large corner of the market. With business booming the employees were encouraged to invest to further the company’s expansion.

When Rolec reached the age of 20 the business fell apart when it was discovered by the public that one of the founding partners was using artificial beetle flavouring instead of fresh beetles. With the company’s collapse Rolec lost half his wealth, and fled the planet as a power management technician aboard the Marauder Tetlec.

Service aboard the Tetlec at first was demeaning. The news about how Rolec ended up in this position was very public and the DaiMon Yamk was more than willing to try and keep Rolec down using this sort of information. Rolec started to spend more and more time off the ship when he was able to. Yamk thought that his plan was working and he could use Rolec’s skill to his own ends. What he didn’t know was that Rolec was making deals in every port they landed in. Rolec developed a large network of contacts that dealt in just about everything that could be sold.

After 12 long gruelling years Rolec had not only rebuilt his wealth but had managed to exceed it. He started to become increasingly brazen about his dealings, which did nothing but irritate Yamk. It was at this stage the Yamk had enough of Rolec out performing him and he threw Rolec off. DaiMon Yamk then tried to claim to Rolec’s wealth due to contract obligations, but suddenly was arrested in port for smuggling of contraband crystals.

At the age of 32 Rolec established his own trading company, using his network of connections he fashioned a business working as a go between for various interests. Taking a cut of all the sales that went through his business, he bought himself a shuttle to use as a home/office for the venture. Found that business was much safer when you were handling someone else’s stock. Of course all this is done with typical Ferengi contracting and pricing arrangements.

Rolec managed his business for many years from the comfort of his own shuttle. However the life got a little trying and he started too look for a more permanent place of residence, that offer more opportunities than just what his contacts were able to provide.

For a brief period Rolec settled on Starbase 192. However after some problems settling in, the threat of a Dominion invasion, and a lot of constant hassle from the local Chief of Security he decided to move on.

Landing at Starbase 60 Rolec tried again to set up shop. Although his products were very popular with the civilian population Rolec once again had problems with Station Security. After a few incidents and in particular one officer who tried to blackmail him into shutting down after one day in business. Rolec once again decided to move on.