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Lieutenant JG Alexander MacArthur

Name Alexander "Salamander" MacArthur

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 9"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Iron Gray
Eye Color Maroon
Physical Description Alex is a tall man, used to bumping his head into things. He is very pale, and his one hundred and ninety pounds is tight on his lean frame. He has short-cropped black hair, which usually manages to get itself pointed skyward, despite the best attempts at defeating it. Alex usually keeps a clean face, but occasionally grows a beard when circumstance recommends it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Johnathon MacArthur
Mother Katerina MacArthur
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None on record.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alex isn't the most personable fellow, preferring the company of a few intellectuals to a large crowd. He hasn't a disliking for people, exactly, just a quaint sense of amusement at others. He tries to keep it in check, but sometimes, the actions of people seem either infuriating or hilarious, but usually somewhere in between. He has an oddball sense of humor, finding things that others find either horrifying or funny, well, funny himself. He intensely dislikes ignorant people, especially people who choose to remain willfully ignorant.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alex's main strength, musculature aside, is his mind. He can think faster than most, coming out with at least a mostly thought-out plan. He has a problem with keeping himself in check, and has ran his mouth off either at or around the wrong administrative person more than once, costing him friends and the occasional assignment. He is great at thinking analytically, but comes off as a smart-ass in the process. He usually hides his emotions, coming off with an indifferent, slightly amused outlook on life, but has a bad temper. He tries to be hard to anger, and is usually successful, but isn't very good at controlling his emotions when they get forced into the open.
Ambitions Alex plans on doing something important, at some point, eventually, though he hasn't any idea of what that is actually going to be.
Hobbies & Interests Alex likes keeping up with the current astronomical discoveries, at least the declassified ones, and enjoys reading. He likes re-enacting assorted fights and battle from points in history, and finds the works of ancient writers and philosophers fascinating.
Languages Standard, Russian, German

Personal History Alexander MacArthur's birth took place in Anchorage, Alaska on Febuary 13, 64770. He was the only child to his parents, Katerina and Johnathon MacArthur. Both of his parents were in Starfleet, and are both now deceased after the loss of the U.S.S Rayne, the remaining child was given the appropriate greiving period and then sent to a Federation orphanage at age fourteen.
There, he was passed over for adoption, and he faced the bleak prospect of spending the next four years in an Federation-funded orphanage, he organized an armed rebellion amongst the orphans. The rebellion consisted of the more disgruntled and aggressive members of the home, and was ultimately unsuccessful.
While the entire episode only lasted three days, the local police opened case files on MacArthur and the other leaders, and he was marked as a further flight risk from the orphanage. He was placed into the higher-security wing of the orphanage after a failed escape attempt involving several bags of refuse and, as the case file read, “a couple of Twinkies”. Now fifteen, in the high security wing, MacArthur and several other orphans hatched their single effective escape plan.
They escaped, and the other two have gone 'under the radar', and no further information is present on them. They are both wanted on chargers of destruction of private property. The escape attempt itself succeeded, but MacArthur was caught by Federation officials the next day. He was charged as an adult in a further proceeding, and was charged with sixty-four hours of community service, alongside damages paid to the orphanage.
After performing the perquisite hours, MacArthur applied for and was accepted into a Federation camp for homeless youth, and it was there that he acclimated a distaste for willfully ignorant people, which the camp was mostly populated of. It was also there that he had his first chance to speak with a Federation recruiter. He was intrigued by Starfleet, and after completing the camp, he was accepted into a program run by Starfleet for homeless youth who were interested in signing up.
He joined Starfleet officially after completing the program, and attended Starfleet academy before being assigned the to U.S.S Avion, and there he began his current Starfleet career. After a explosion onboard the Dauntless, he was confined to a wheelchair, and was transferred to a station.
Service Record 62066-62068, Cadet, Starfleet Academy

62068-62070, Cadet Senior Grade, U.S.S Avion

62070-62072, Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S.S Garde, Destroyed in Action

62072-62073, Lieutenant, U.S.S Dauntless. Court-martialed in participating in mutiny of Dauntless.

62073-62073, Removed from duty without pay pending court-martial.

62073-62075, assigned, Roark Nor