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Rear Admiral Varal

Name Varal

Position Sector Command

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 82

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 197 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Pale complexion common to Vulcan’s with the typical upswept eyebrows. While he appears to be an average build he does over course have a strength several times that of a human.


Spouse T'rol
Children Son, Vorik, 24 years old who is studying Astrometrics at the Vulcan Science Academy. Daughter, T'Pau, 17 years old. T'Pau is her fathers daughter as she intends to enroll in Starfleet once her studies on Vulcan are complete. Her father has sponsored her application and has an unconditional acceptance although she is yet to finalise the course selection as she tends towards Starship Operations or Flight Control.
Father Sural (deceased)
Mother T''Pau

Personality & Traits

General Overview As a Vulcan he often appears detached and remote but to those who know him he has proven himself time and again to be a very loyal officer and friend who's experience has been drawn upon by many over the years. His family have always played a major part in his life and whenever possible ensures he takes time to contact them via subspace or a simple recorded message at least once a week.
Strengths & Weaknesses Although his logic guides his every action this has on occasion brought him into conflict with his colleagues although in recent years he has learned that sometimes experience is a fine supplement to pure logic. This logical approach is a double edged sword, as it is for many Vulcan’s, as it can serve as both a strength and weakness.

Practical Strengths- Starship Operations, Ship Construction, Warp Field Theory
Ambitions It was his ambition to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a flag officer with Starfleet. As he takes his first tentative steps he is still getting used to trying to fulfil his potential in the role.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys playing the Vulcan Torban, a combination of the Lute and Psaltery first conceived on Earth during the 18th Century. As a keen student of teachings of Surak he is often found contemplating various philosophical issues or playing games of Kal-toh to relax.
Languages Vulcan and Federation Standard (English)

Personal History Born in the foothills of the Forge his parents were both Scientists who nurtured his fascination in a number of areas. His father, Sural, was a Starfleet Admiral who was killed during the Dominion War when the Breen attacked Starfleet Command. His mother was and still is a director at the Science Academy.

Varal was singled out by many of his tutors at an early age as his understanding of Physics was excellent from a young age. Although he did attend the Vulcan Science Academy to expand his understanding he soon found that a life in an lab was not what he wanted and with his family's blessing joined Starfleet.

Before leaving for Stafleet Varal married T'rol who were linked together when they were very young, the two had met many times and found each others company agreeable. T'rol was also studying at the Vulcan Science Academy and the two found many common interests such as music and a fascination with the stars as T'rol was studying Spatial Phenomena.

During their second Pon Far they had a son who they named after T'rol's father Vorik and on their third had a daughter who they named after Varal's mother T'Pau
Service Record Enrolled in Starfleet Academy- 2362

Graduated Starfleet Academy specialising in Starship Operations Management with additional courses completed in Flight Operations and Warp Field analysis- 2366

Assigned to USS Ambassador as Chief of Operations. Deployed to Cardassian border to protect Federation assets after the end of open hostilities. Involved in a number of skirmishes and stand offs with Cardassian cruisers and patrol vessels. As the political situation changed so did the ship and crews duties with regular visits to Bajor to deliver supplies to help in the aftermath of the Cardassian occupation. One of the last assignments the Ambassador performed before returning to Utopia Planitia for a major refit was to deliver the runabouts Orinoco and Mekong to Deep Space 9. 2366-2370

Due to experience during Cardassian conflict and understanding of Warp Field operations assigned to Advanced Starship Design Bureau to help gauge success of various designs aboard test bed vehicles and prototype vessels. During this period was briefly assigned to Research and Development (R&D Tokyo) as part of team looking into high energy Warp fields and their interactions with Ablative armour matrix. 2370-2373

With the outbreak of the Dominion War returned to starship duties aboard the newly commissioned USS Discovery, a Galaxy class brought up to Dreadnought standards with the addition of the under slung Type-XX Phaser Cannon but without the other external features or secondary Warp Core. The Discovery was operated with a reduced crew compliment and of course had no civilians aboard, a far cry from the other vessels of her class. During the Dominion War Varal gained much experience, his skill and cool under pressure were ably demonstrated during the Minos Korva incident when a small Jem Hadar task force entered the system and began attacking supply convoys. Varal was in Command of the night shift and took decisive action by racing to the aid of the defenceless transports and scattering the Jem Hadar forces after destroying a Cruiser with their opening salvo. By the time the Captain and XO arrived on the bridge the enemy forces were regrouping only to be met by several Starfleet vessels who had been alerted to the situation by the Discovery. Varal received a commendation from Captain Richards, his CO, along with messages of thanks from the crew’s of the transports. Varal served aboard the Discovery until the end of the war at which point it returned to Utopia Planitia to complete internal outfitting for science and diplomatic missions plus additional crew quarters. 2373-2375

After the end of the Dominion War Varal left Starfleet and took up a place as an advisor on Vulcan to spend time with his family and was assigned to the Starfleet testing facility for aspiring recruits. During this time he saw many students go on to start careers and after a time and with his families blessing he returned to Starfleet. 2376-2381

His previous assignment was aboard the Starship Venture again as Chief of Operations but also as the vessels Second Officer which would mean in event of Saucer separation would have command of the Saucer. The Venture carried out Starfleet's primary role of exploration and was present at the first contact with 2 new species after which it returned to Federation space for a major refit and as such many of the crew were re-assigned although while this did not include Varal he requested a transfer to a sister ship of his first posting, the Starship Illustrious. 2381-2385

Transfer to Starship Illustrious approved, July 21 2385. Due to exceptional circumstances Varal took command of the vessel and was promoted to the rank of Commander shortly before departing on their first mission.

On February 12th 2386 Captain Varal and a large portion of the Illustrious crew is transferred to the Nebula class USS Phaeton which during its maiden voyage after an extensive refit answers a distress call from a Cardassian colony.