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Lieutenant JG Jade Coleby

Name Jade Kaitlyn Coleby

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description For a veteran of the Dominion War who has dealt with the more extreme stresses of being a member of Starfleet for 16 years, Jade has managed to age quite gracefully, appearing several years younger than she is, even though she wouldn't be considered "old" at all.

Although her life has slowed to an almost overly-manageable pace since her departure from Starfleet Security, Jade keeps herself fit out of habit; as such, she maintains a steady gym routine and musculature to match, making her a deadly individual to mess with.

Her dark hair, kind smile, respective bust size and curves that have appeared in the right places make her an extremely attractive woman, which comes in handy for her to get what she wants from gawking and/or greedy men, an attribute used from time to time on assignment.


Children N/A, although her sister, Tara follows her from assignment to assignment and looks to Jade as something of a mother figure.
Father Colonel (Ret.) Richard Coleby, 66
Mother Felicity Coleby (Deceased)
Brother(s) Lt Col Max Coleby, 40
Sister(s) Tara Coleby, 16

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raised by her father with a career in the Marines in mind, Jade has been taught from the very get-go of her life that she should be physically and mentally tough as well as "all business". While she took that very literally when she was younger, she has mellowed with experience to become more relaxed both on duty and off duty- especially so off duty. She is known as the joker and flirt of the pack in the bar, and will drink with anyone, and will oft shout a round while she is at it.

A conscientious, intelligent, caring and secretive person by nature. A bit of a performer, she will put on any front to hide her true feelings or intentions. She is a good listener, a keen observer and a good Starfleet officer, who has done the hard yards to get where she has, while keeping her head down.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jade's strengths include her warm personality, her kindness toward others, her intelligence, her beauty, her desire for always finishing what she starts and her flare for emulating the personality of another to fulfil requirements of undercover assignments. However, most of these can be also considered her weakness as well, as she can often become an easy target to become preyed upon. She is often too trusting of those who should not be given trust, she often lets her work get in the way of her personal life.
Ambitions Jade carefully avoids divulging her ambitions to colleagues and even her own family, when they ask why, she will simply give them some long spiel about strong belief that having ambitions only makes room for failure and disappointment when they don't go anywhere, however that couldn't be further from the truth, she does in fact have several ambitions that she keeps to herself.

Of course, like most Starfleet officers, she wants her own ship. While she felt that she would never want to Command an entire vessel when she was younger, leading a group of people into battle is something she acquired something of a taste for during her time working authoritative positions in Starfleet Security.

Since resigning from her role in SFS, Jade has had an urge to attempt to learn a musical instrument, perhaps the guitar or the drum kit. She enjoys music and the emotions that it can evoke in her.

Jade would like nothing more than to fill the divide that has grown between herself and her father since she "disappointed" him by taking a career in Starfleet, as opposed to a position in the Marine Core, the gap was made larger by the death of her mother and the "adoption" of her sister, Tara. Until the day either of them make a move to fix their relationship, they talk through her older brother, Max.

Alongside these ambitions, she just wants to be the best she can be, and if pushed to the absolute limit to answer the question of "what are your ambitions", that is what she would answer, Starfleet is her life and she treats it as such.
Hobbies & Interests Her work is the most important thing to her, and she will not hesitate to stay up all night and read intelligence reports, write intelligence reports herself, or spend time studying to further herself and her abilities.

When she isn't working, she loves to get out and spend time with colleagues and friends in the bar, read crime novels, practice with weapons at the range, talk to her brother via subspace and play with her Rabbit, Roy.
Languages English, French basic Romulan and Klingon

Personal History Born in 2350 on New Berlin, a Luna Colony, Jade was destined to live amongst the stars. Her father, who was stationed on Earth as a tactical advisor after a long and distinguished career in the Starfleet Marine Core, raised his children with the ideals that a long line of Coleby ancestors were raised with, most were related to joining the Marines, which became expected of the children as they got older.

While her father was busy preparing her for the "big bad galaxy" in a similar way to the way he did with his son, Max, who by the that time had left for the Marine Academy, Jade was looking for an alternative career; finding her father's persuasion to join the marines overbearing and something to persuade her not to take up a career in the core.

When the time came to choose what way she would go, in 2367 she enlisted in Starfleet, an idea her mother had actually came up with. The career choice came as an extreme disappointment for her father, who also wanted her to become an officer.

When making the choice as to what she would major in at the Academy, she decided that she would go into Tactical and Security, admitting to herself that she was destined to fight the great fight, regardless of what path she took.

In mid-2368, she began her enlisted training in Tactical and Security, and found herself challenged but feeling she had answered her calling, something she wouldn't have gotten should she have joined the core.

By the end of 2370, she had graduated the enlisted course at the rate of Crewman First Class and was assigned to the USS Cochrane as a Tactical Officer. She made an immediate impression on her division head with her knowledge of weapons systems, as well as her professional approach, something that the younger non-coms seemed to lack and something that was essential in the Tactical Department. Several months were spent on the Cochrane, which consisted of patrolling the Federation space that was quite close to the Neutral Zone, not a day went past where Jade did not expect to be fighting the Romulans, but her expectations were never met much to her relief, so most of her time was spent working on the weapons systems, studying them, making improvements, it was all rather monotonous but proved to be an experience that she would rely heavily upon in her future.

As the months became the better part of a year and a half, her tenure on the Cochrane started to come to a close, a weapons development technician position opened up on DS3, it certainly wasn't something that she had in mind when she entered the Academy, however she was now quite keen to work with the shipboard weaponry, and applying her improvements that she made on the Cochrane was something she was enthusiastic to do.

By late 2370, Jade had joined DS3's Security and Tactical department and enjoyed her research position, which was both challenging and rewarding, however due to the rising threat of Maquis activity in 2370, her position was cut and she was assigned to Station Security, something which was initially met with dismay, because the reassignment wasn't really needed, however she took the job in her stride and made it an excuse to brush up on her hand to hand combat skills.

When Maquis raids began, she was transferred to the USS Trident as a Security and Tactical Officer, working out of the Bad Lands. It was then that she got a taste for that great fight she was supposed to fight.

The first incident occurred in her sixth week of the assignment, where a Maquis raider attempted to perform a raid on the Trident, most likely to procure medical supplies. It was planned that if a raid were to occur, that Jade would lead a security team to sickbay, and that was exactly what she did.

Although the plan fell to pieces when the raid team and Jade's security team met in the corridor outside sickbay, a fire fight ensued, and although the team of 5 was able to defeat the intruders, Jade was shot in the chest when attempting to flank the raiders by herself, ending her assignment on the Trident and sending her back to Earth to recuperate from her injuries.

The time gave her more than enough to think about her future, as well as come out of her shell after some counselling, allowing her true personality to exist, having previously buried it. After her rehabilitation, she did not particularly feel like returning to the Trident, nor did she feel particularly enthusiastic about being assigned to any vessel, due to post-traumatic stress, despite her counselling. She came to a point in her life where she had two options, resign, or return to the Academy and take another course. Jade undertook courses that would make her able to partake in undercover work, and dabbled into criminal psychology.

Graduation from the course lead her to a posting at Starfleet Security. To find her feet within the organisation, she was put onto a probationary position and given several assignments which could only be considered as "low-key", such as being attached to small time politicians and guarding of facilities in and around Starfleet Command on Earth. Once her 6-month probation came to a conclusion, it was only a matter of time before her attachments to more higher ranking officials came to a close and she was given her first serious assignment.

A month long undercover assignment to a Maquis encampment, one of the easier undercover assignments that were handed out from what she had heard. While she accepted the assignment, it had taken her some time to look past her reservations and feelings of malice towards the Maquis and looked upon the assignment to give back the hurt they gave her. Given the name Dora Lincoln and a swag of information about what exactly she had to do, Jade was forced to look past her convictions the moment she made it to the outpost. While finding it difficult initially, her training allowed her to blend in with the rag tag rebels and gather the intelligence she needed, including plans for future raids and plans to engage the Cardassians in minor skirmishes.

During the assignment, she discovered that the Maquis wasn't solely made up of the evil rebels she had originally thought, or had been lead to believe it was, and actually managed to get close to many of the more innocent people, caught in the chaos without choice.

Upon her return to Earth, the assignment earned her some credibility, but never embraced it due to the fact she had burned many of the people she had gotten close to over the course of her work, something that still causes her pain.

She returned to Starfleet Security, and posted to one of their dedicated vessels, the USS Kilimanjaro as a diplomatic security supervisor, where she gallivanted around the diplomatic countryside protecting officials from all walks of life and race. She enjoyed the assignment immensely and the rewards it came with, such as visiting several planets and doing as much sight seeing as work.

2373 came with a forced reassignment as the Borg threat returned. Jade was assigned to the USS Appalachia, which, come the detection of a Borg Cube by DS5, was thrown straight into battle. While the Battle of Sector 001 was being fought on the bridge, Jade was ordered to combat Borg invasion groups, something which had negative connotations for her from her, given her experience with the Maquis years earlier.

Jade's security team was one of the first to intercept the Borg, however due to the Borg's adapting shields, all the combat teams could do was fall back during the fight. The team resorted to unconventional methods to dispose of the attacking Borg, such as overloading conduits and using detonations to their advantage.

The teams managed to repel the Borg, and the ship survived the battle, but was not left unaffected, having several crew lost due to assimilation and damage. Jade was stationed aboard permanently and rather unexpectedly after the battle, taking up the position of Chief Tactical Officer, now to fight the Dominion War after the ship was repaired.

The Appalachia was dispatched to an area close to Earth to be on hand should the Dominion try to launch and invasion, although during 2373 and early 2374, there was no such action, and Jade requested reassignment back to Starfleet Security. Jade realised wherever the fight was, she'd probably be sent during this new war.

In 2374, Jade was assigned to the USS Tulwar as part of a Starfleet Security detachment in an ultimately successful attempt to liberate Betazed against Dominion rule. The fight lasted a month, most of which she was serving.

After Betazed's liberation, expecting to be sent to somewhere else on the front line, Jade was returned to Earth to serve as a security advisor for the several members of the Federation Council, a post which was short lived due to the Breen's attack on Earth. Jade was in all rights, lucky to survive the attack unscathed, of course, being in San Francisco when the attack occurred.

She was assigned to the relief efforts and a week after was assigned to the USS Armstrong, posted as Chief Tactical Officer, a position she was familiar with. Knowing that the end of the Dominion War was nigh, and that the final battle was getting closer, the days leading up to the final were particularly stressful, soon enough the Battle of Cardassia began and the future of everything she knew hung in the balance.

The Armstrong was destroyed during the battle, however most of the crew was able to make it off the ship in escape pods. Jade and her pod occupants were picked up by the USS Sarek, which after the battle returned to Deep Space Nine.

After the signing of the Treaty of Bajor, Jade took a leave of absence, some of which she spent on DS9, but then departed for Risa, taking the first opportunity to truly relax in 3 years.

Jade spent a month on Risa, before feeling the need to return to Starfleet life. She was quickly offered a new assignment by Starfleet intelligence, though she refused to do any undercover work, because of her experiences years earlier.

After her vacation she was encouraged by her former crewmates from the war to think about her career, in their opinion, they thought she'd make a great officer. Jade considered the option, initially apprehensive about returning to the Academy for the third time, she ended up signing up for an officer training course, lasting for a year, designed for experienced enlisted personnel who had already earned degrees. Jade also partook in an intelligence handling component.

When she got her commission, she applied for a position with Starfleet Security, again, opting for her old diplomatic tour position. Although this tour was destined to be more volatile and to the more politically unstable places in the Alpha Quadrant, where presence of security was absolutely imperative. Over the period of 2377 to 2379, Jade served in a position which was "run and gun", where improvisation and alertness were key to her survival, the survival of those around her and those who she was protecting. Amazingly, despite the extreme style of the assignment, she managed to be injured only twice, in both instances her injuries were minor. It certainly didn't turn out to be the leisurely position, which carried the same name she was given before the war.

Jade took a lengthy sabbatical from Starfleet after her assignment on the diplomatic trail. In 2380, she extended her sabbatical following the death of her mother due to cranial trauma after a fall. Jade returned to Earth to spend some time with her siblings. After a while, Jade disappeared suddenly, leaving her family behind and did an extensive amount of backpacking around the Alpha Quadrant. In 2383, Jade suddenly returned to her family. It was then that her sister requested that she follow Jade around when, and if, she returned to Starfleet. After some thought Jade accepted.

When she did return to Starfleet, she was assigned to the second Galaxy Class incarnation of the USS Yamato, one of the vessels on the Task Force, in the process of patrolling the neutral zone as Chief Security and Tactical Officer. The position offered some welcome relief for her, and the Romulans after their Governmental collapse after the Shinzon incident of the year before. It was for the most part, a quiet assignment, where she was able to concentrate on tinkering with the torpedoes and phasers for the first time in several years.

While aboard the Yamato, she visited Romulus, and was given the privilege to tour the planet for a short time. She served with the Yamato until mid 2384. In the two further years spent onboard, the Yamato conducted several surveys to the Gamma Quadrant, which gave her an opportunity to revisit DS9. The surveys also required her to take on the additional role of Intelligence Officer, being the only logical choice for the position. It was then that Jade decided that the next assignment she would take on would be a dedicated intelligence role.
Service Record 2368- Began enlisted cadet training at Starfleet Academy, majoring in Tactical and Security courses.

2370- Graduated from the Academy and assigned to the USS Cochrane as a Tactical Officer. Later that year, she was reassigned to DS3 as a weapons developer and was given a research grant.

2371- The research grant was put on hold, and was moved to the USS Trident, assigned to the vessel's security detachment. During a Maquis raid, Jade was shot and put on medical leave. After her medical leave, she returned to the Academy and took another degree.

2372- Graduated from the degree program, applied for a position within Starfleet Security. Upon acceptance, she was given several positions before she was eligible for larger assignments. In June of that year, after her probation, she was offered an undercover assignment. When she returned, she was assigned to the USS Kilimanjaro as a diplomatic security supervisor.

2373- Reassigned to the USS Appalachia due to the rising Borg threat. Shortly thereafter participated in the Battle of Sector 001. After the battle, Jade was assigned to the vessel as it's Tactical Officer.

2374- Assigned to the USS Tulwar as a Squad Leader for a Security Detachment during the liberation of Betazed. Assigned to Earth as a Security Advisor for the Federation Council.

2375- Earth is attacked by the Breen, Jade is asked to participate in relief efforts. Later assigned to Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Armstrong during the final weeks of the Dominon War. Participated in the Battle of Cardassia, after the destruction of the Armstrong in the battle, the USS Sarek transported her and the survivors back to DS9.

2376- Jade attended the Academy, for the third time, to become an officer, and also to be eligible to handle Starfleet intelligence files.

2377- After her graduation, she was assigned to various vessels as a diplomatic security advisor, a position in which she would serve for 4 years to come.

2381- Assigned to the USS Yamato as the vessel's Chief Security and Tactical Officer.

2382- Given the second position as an Intelligence Officer for the purpose of intelligence gathering during the Yamato's missions into the Gamma Quadrant.