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Ryan Horgan

Name Ryan Horgan

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 179 lbs
Hair Color Dirty Brown with a hint o
Eye Color Blue with a tinge of gree
Physical Description In good physical condition, Ryan has always ensured that he has remained fully fit and mentally prepared should he need to react in a dangerous situation.


Father Markus Horgan
Mother Lillian Horgan

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Thick skinned and always up for some humour, Horgan has been there and done that with plenty of experience in various roles making him very adaptable and an invaluable resource during any mission. That said he can sometimes be dismissive of others when he "knows" they are wrong making him difficult to work with in large groups.

Personal History Born in Evansville, Indiana on October 16th 2340 he had an uneventful childhood and education, he began his working career in the local Police Service although the work was slow due to the very low crime rates found on Earth.

It was a chance encounter that would give him his break, when travelling onboard a carrier vessel bound for Risa he thwarted a group of criminals who were attempting to steal valuable personal belongings of some well off passengers. After the incident he was approached by the Federation Marshal’s Service and was soon partnered with a veteran of the service, David Mischner, whom he served with for almost 10 years until an incident on Farrius Prime where they were ambushed by members of the Orion Syndicate when trying to apprehend a fugitive.

Ryan took the loss badly, he had lost his good friend and mentor in a meaningless phaser fight in a dark alleyway. It took over 6 months before he returned to the field but he did so with the expressed stipulation that he work alone and so was assigned to the Flight Marshals, those who travel constantly mixing in with the crowd to better observe those who would take hostages or hold merchant ships to ransom. So its been for over 9 years, he has travelled the space lanes and brought in many fugitives, prevented several ship hijackings but the personal cost has also been high.

While his mother died when he was young his father had always been proud of his son and when he passed away he was walking the streets of Bajor hunting a narcotics trader, he had grown apart from his entire family to the point the had not talked to any of them for several years.

As the criminals grew fat and lazy in the aftermath of the Dominion War he showed them no quarter, the loss of Mischner leading him to take a far harder line with many. He set about various gangs and often tricked them into fighting each other, sometimes by hiring mercenaries or perhaps making a contact who he would provide false information to. His tactics were far from regulation but his results were enough to keep his superiors happy to the point where they would often overlook minor infractions. Horgan continues to wander the space lanes, seeking passage on ships that take his fancy and relying on his gut instinct to lead him to the undesirables.
Service Record Enrolled at the Indianapolis Police Academy- 2358

Approached by Federation Marshals Service, accepted role and began field training- 2361

Partner David Mischner killed by Orion Syndicate-2375

Transferred to Flight Marshals-2376