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Crewman Ethan Cooper

Name Ethan Jeremiah Cooper

Position Yeoman

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Weight 73 kg
Hair Color Strawberry Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ethan is a bright-eyed young man with a round face carrying a soft, freckled complexion. He's of an unimposing build and generally tends to blend in to the background in appearance. The only thing that often sets him apart in a crowd is his curly, strawberry blond hair that he keeps tamed with product at work.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Julian Cooper
Mother Loraine Cooper; deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Amber Simmons - 32
Other Family Colin Simmons - brother-in-law
Ethan and Nathaniel - nephews (twins)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cheerful and hard-working, Ethan is generally a quiet and unassuming person. He's a bit daydreamer and can often be seen lost in his own thoughts, especially during work on repetitive tasks. He's friendly to others, but doesn't have many close friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ethan is incredibly independant, which is his biggest strength and weakness in one. Although very self-reliant and able to take pride in not needing help, he is often defensive and stubborn in his independence to the point of driving away anyone who might offer him any help, even if he did need it.

He's very organised in his own way but his methods of organisation are often lost on other people.

Ethan has a very vivid imagination and is very creative.
Ambitions None. Although he is an avid daydreamer, he doesn't like to plan too far ahead into the future, since he's learned you can't plan most things in life. They just happen to you
Hobbies & Interests Drawing and painting. In recent years, he has started learning to play the piano. He loves to read more than anything and likes to collect peculiar things.
Languages Federation Standard; Fed Standard sign language; Written Vulcan, Klingon and Andorian

Personal History Ethan was born as the second and only male child of Julian and Loraine Cooper, a couple who had previously been blessed with one daughter – Amber.

From the very beginning, Ethan was an odd child. He never liked playing with other children and instead spent all of his time staring at interesting things. He was also quite content being left to hold them for hours at a time, lost in his own childish thoughts. He was always very curious and got into trouble for wandering off several times, which in the end made his parents tag him with a tracking device, which he was later told was deactivated, but has never been able to prove whether that was true or not.

Soon after his fifth birthday, just as he began schooling, Ethan's parents noticed that he didn't respond their call quite as quickly or as often as usual. Although Ethan was never one to answer right away, constantly lost in his imagination, the growing number of times they had to tap him on the shoulder to get his attention began worrying them and they took him to the family doctor. It was revealed that Ethan suffered from a very rare genetic disorder than was slowly and irreversibly eating away at his cochlear nerve. At that time there was no real cure, only medication to slow the process down. By his seventh birthday, little Ethan was completely deaf. Still too young to be given a proper, longer lasting implant, Ethan's parents decided that they didn't wish to subject him to constant surgeries so young. Instead, they simply taught him sign language and Ethan slowly began using other forms of communication to get to know his environment.

Luckily, during the process of his hearing loss, Ethan's mother Loraine made it a point to keep the little boy talking so that that form of communication was lever lost on him in the future. Even after completely losing his ability to hear, she made him practice speech by making him read to her, the way she read to him when he was younger. Although his pitch was off, he could speak words correctly most of the time.

Within a couple of years, adaptable as children are, Ethan was almost completely independent. Well, as independent as a boy his age could be. He didn't have many friends, but never missed company, since he never favored it to begin with.

During his awkward teenage years, Ethan became fascinated with seeing new places and decided he would join Starfleet as soon as he could. When he was 13, his mother started exhibiting strange symptoms and within just a few months, she succumbed to the same genetic illness Ethan had, only for her, the illness attacked the centers of her brain. She died when Ethan was 14.

At the age of 16, he went through surgery which would give him the ability to hear through two implants, which were a prototype at the time, developed specifically for people with his condition.

Unfortunately, while the surgery was a success, the then ambitious young man didn't count on the fact that, while he could pick up sound now, his mind was slow and confused with the information it was receiving, causing him incredible discomfort. In the end, he went back into surgery and the implants were replaced with a slightly older type, which allowed Ethan to turn them off if he felt like it, giving his mind some peace to slowly learn the ability to decipher sounds again.

Knowing that this was the only way he'd be let properly into the Academy, Ethan worked hard for three years to try and 'catch up' with the rest of his peers. He once again mastered speech, a form of communication he didn't use very often, despite being relatively capable of it after years of silence.

He excelled in his application to join the Academy, but decided he'd lost enough time, so left as soon as he could, becoming a non-commissioned officer instead of staying longer to gain a commission. Ethan was not a man of great action, so he decided to focus on administration rather than combat situations passed the things he needed to know.

He was immediately placed as an assistant to an old Chief Engineer aboard the USS Athens, an older running ship. When she was retired after a year, Ethan was transferred to a base, which he found much more enjoyable since it allowed him to see new people and new things on a near daily basis.

After two years of that, Ethan transfer was bittersweet. He'd grown quite close to the Commander of the base, an old man who enjoyed Ethan's quirky personality and odd habits, seeing him as a breath of fresh air and youth within the older crew.

When the old Commander retired, his replacement decided she didn't really need an assistant, so Ethan was sent as the new Yeoman for the Captain of DS7.