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Legate Vadrek

Name Vadrek

Position Detapa Councillor

Rank Legate

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 84

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3''
Hair Color Black (Greying)
Eye Color Dark Brown


Spouse Natum Vadrek
Children Salain
Father Dalin Vadrek (deceased)
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Several half-brothers
Sister(s) One half-sister
Other Family Numerous 'half' relatives.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A seemingly sly, charming and outgoing individual, cunning, intelligent and methodical in all of his approaches in life. For most, he appears truly caring, interested and charismatic, but he has tendencies that lead to darker swings.
Strengths & Weaknesses Certainly a people person, working well with others towards great pursuits, but also shuts himself off to his own works, spending hours reading, plotting and thinking.
Ambitions To bring Cardassia into a new age of glory.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, art, history, opera
Languages Cardassian, Federation Standard, Klingon (for opera), Latin, Vulcan, Romulan

Personal History The bastard son of a well-to-do command track officer in the Cardassian military, Vadrek was not given a first name, to remind him that he was not truly important, but his father did keep him close by, rather than leaving him with his mother - an unnamed woman Vadrek to this day does not know of.

He was spurned at every corner by his half-siblings and family, particularly his father and grandparents, and was often secluded, but he turned this seclusion into times of study and personal achievement, increasing his intelligence and feeding the mind until he could best most others at many games.

He was accepted into the Cardassian Military Academy a year younger than usual, but excelled here, despite being constantly penalised by his peers for his bastard lineage, and even was tormented as a half-Bajoran would have been during the Occupation.

Vadrek served admirably and rose through the ranks quickly, becoming one of the youngest - and most outspoken - guls in the Central Command, oft-times leading ships in the Cardassian Wars with other nations, and many as an administrator in the Central Command itself. He was also present for many of the peace delegations the Cardassians sent to the Federation and others suing for peace, rather than conflict, giving the impression of a general who hates war; and it is true that Vadrek has little taste for war itself, and cares more for the arts his world has to offer, but would secretly do anything to preserve them and Cardassian history.

Before the Dominion War and the end of totalitarianism on Cardassia, now-Legate Vadrek had a secret vault of masterpieces, music and works that had been outlawed, and often stole from his opponents in the Command and other species their masterworks from their worlds.

With the conclusion of the War, the Legate's title became simply honorary, as he donated huge sums of his wealth and manpower to rebuilding Cardassia and affiliated worlds, eventually rising to become a member of the Detapa Council, becoming a voice for freedom and working with other powers, often serving in ambassadorial roles.