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Tiransor Mufan'se

Name Tiransor Mufan'se

Position Xindi Ambassador

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Xindi-aquatic
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 2.5 m
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Green-grey skin with darker splotches and stripes
Round face with yellow eyes
When outside of a water environment he will be encased in an anti-gravity-equipped suit.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Tiransor Mufan'se is a gentle being, willing to avoid conflict whenever and wherever possible. However, like the rest of his species he has no issues whatsoever about endlessly debating a topic, sometimes even farther than those who he's debating with are willing to go.

Tiransor enjoys swimming in new oceans and will quickly volunteer to be the first to explore a new area. When working in a lab he tends to brood, much preferring to be out in the field. Because of this he can tend to annoy his companions with incessant questioning about where they've been and what has been occurring.
Languages Xindi-aquatic

Personal History Tiransor grew up on the Xindi-aquatic world of Azati Prime, famed building site of the superweapon that was nearly used on Earth in 2154. Hearing stories about his species' isolation after the Great Diaspora, both before and after their first encounters with Humans, he resolved to end it, or at least to bring news and information about the galaxy back to the Expanse.

Convincing the ruling Aquatic family took weeks, the longest debate of Tiransor's life. Points, counterpoints, argument, rebuttal, such was the focus of his entire day for what seemed to be an eternity, but in the end the family decided that there was enough reason for him to go out and explore the galaxy for the Xindi. After contacting Starfleet on Earth he left Azati Prime and reported for training.