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Jokiah Mhielson

Name Jokiah Mhielson

Position Romulan Ambassador

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 180
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description He walks with a confident air about him and is seemingly never in a hurry or stressed out, even when he is. He can be highly emotional but he rarely shows it except with his family and friends.

He prefers loose fitting and some what formal Romulan clothing, but having been an Ambassador to Earth and dealing with humans for almost a decade he is quite comfortable in jeans and a polo shirt or more formal Earth dress.


Spouse Serena Talos
Children Xavier and Xander twin boys age 3
Zilyan 13 adopted daughter from his deceased brother Zadok
Father Ahira Mihieson (deceased)
Mother Rahab Mihieson (decesed)
Brother(s) Zadok(persumed dead) would be age 35
Herzon 33
Jehu(identical twin)29
Sister(s) Tamar 25
Other Family In-Laws

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jokiah can be as cunning and as manipluative as the next Romulan and he has been known to tell a lie or two. He does believe strongly in self preervation and the preservation of what is left of his race.
At the same time he has some pretty strong moral values and very much wants to see justice prevail. His devotion to justice and righting wrongs is so strong that he will bend or sometimes break the rules to see that justice does prevail.

He loves and is deeply devoted to his family and would die for them if need be.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Teneacious
+Calm under pressure
+Thinks fast on his feet
+Good martial artist
+Good with languages

-Can be vengeful
-Lies well when he needs to
-Not the best shot with a phaser
-Suffers from nightmates because of his captivity with the Obsidan Order and the destruction of his race.
Ambitions See that the people of Romulus become a great people again, but one guidided with a better moral compass, protect his family and serve to better relations between Romulus and the Federation
Hobbies & Interests Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Chess and other stratagey games
"Cat and Mouse"
Spending time with his wife and family.
Languages Romulan, Vulcan, Cardassian, Klingon Federation Standard

Personal History Jokiah and Jehu were born on November 17, 2358 to Ahira and Rahab Mhielson. His family was very well placed within Romulan society. His older brother Zado brought some shame to the family because he defected to the Federation and became one of the only Romulan officers in Star Fleet. His brother Hezron went into the family import/export business(read smuggling) while his twin brother Joram was recruited by the Tal'Shiar His sister Tamar married into a wealthy and powerful family to strengthen the ties between the two clans and make each family more poerful. His father was in the Senate and his mother was an ambassador to Vulcan.

Jokiah was supposed to enter an arranged marriage, but met Serena when he danced with her at her Academy graduation about 7 years ago. After a year or so he contacted her again and they started to date. Two years later they were married.

When he annouced that he was getting married to Serena his parents did not like the idea at all and became upset. Then Jehu announced that he wasn't going to take part in an arranged marriage for a very different reason. He was gay. (Jehu had come out to Jokiah about the time that Jokiah met Serena-though Jokiah already knew before his twin confided in him) Eventually when the babies were born his parents came around and accepted his marriage, but they did not accept Jehu's sexuality and disowned him. Jokiah was the only one in the family to fully support his brother without question.

A little over three years ago Zadok asked Jokiah for help on a special project. He never fully revealed what that project was, but Jokiah knew that it had something to do with the Cardassians. They were both captured, by the Obsidian Order(possibly betrayed by Hezron)enslaved and tortured. Zadok was killed but Jokiah managed to survive and escape after six months of captivity.

He urged his family to leave Romulus when all the rumors about the instablity of the sun began to be floated. His siblings believed him and left,his parents did not. They died along with the rest of the planet.
Service Record 2376- 2381 RIT(Romulan Institute of Technoloy)BA, Linquistics MA. Diplomacy(Hostile Ailien Negoitation)
2381-2383 Junior Ambassador to Earth
2383-2384 Senior Ambassador to Earth
2384-2388 Ambassador to the Federation
2388 Special liasion/Ambassador at large