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Ensign Jehu Mihieson

Name Jehu Mihieson

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 180
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Because of his background, Jehu is constantly aware and alert. His eyes are fequently on the move taking in his surroundings and evaluating those people he comes into contact with. His eyes take in everything without really seeming to.

He moves decisvely.

When not in uniform, he favors Terran clothing and is usually dressed casually. However he is comfortable in almost any attire and has been known to wear whatever it takes to get the job done.

He is usually clean shaven or has a couple of days stubble. He rarely wears facial hair unless he is on a job.

Like his twin brother it is clear from his ears that he is Romulan, but the ridges on his forehead are not as pronoucned as in most Romulans. However when he is under stress they do become very noticable.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ahira Micieson(deceased)
Mother Rahab (deceased)
Brother(s) Zadok MIA perusmed dead would be 35 if stil alive
Hezron 33
Jokiah 29(identical twin)
Sister(s) Tamar 25
Other Family Nephews Xavier and Xander
Niece Zilyn
Sister-in-law Serena

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jehu is impetous and tends to fly by the seat of his pants, He is iquisitive and emotional and has been accused of having a temper problem. He still has a love for his homeworld but is a loyal Star Fleet Officer. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done even if it means breaking the rules and not letting those higher up know all the details. His time in the Tal'Shair taught him that and it is the one thing that has not been trained out of him.

He is very loyal to his friends and family.

Strengths & Weaknesses +tenacious
+thinks well on his feet
+very good at what he does

- stubron
- flys by the seat of his pants
- can become emotinal and angry
- dealing with his family disowning him
-dealing with his sexuality
Ambitions He would like to have his own command some day and be the first Romulan to do so.

Settle down with the man of his dreams(whom he is still searching for) and have a family.
Hobbies & Interests Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Ancient Weapons ( has a small collection)
Languages Romulan, Standard, Vulcan some Klingon

Personal History He and his twin brother were born five minutes apart (he is the younger of the two) on November 17, 2358 to a wealthy and prominent Romulan family in the capital city. His father was in the Senate and his mother was an Ambassador to Vulcan.

Growing up he always knew there was something different about him but he could not figure it out. His oldest brother Zadok brought shame on the family when he deserted to the Federation. His mother used her influence to get Jokiah a job as a diplomat but when he asked to be part of the Embassy on Earth and he chose to do so as an actual diplomat not a spy this brought further questions regarding the Mihieson's loyaty.

At age 18 he was recruited to the Tal'Shiar. He went through a year long training program with them and quickly found he had a talent for infiltration. Like his twin brother he had a qift for language and found it easy to pick up new ones.

He became very good at what he did. Five years ago he admitted to himself then to Jokiah that he was gay. To his surprise his brother not only knew but fully supported him. A year or so later when Jokiah annoucned that he was foregoing the tradtional arranged marriage in favor of love, and love for a Betazoid at that his parents reacted badly. So he decided to drop a bombshell of his own and annouce that he was gay. His parents would eventually come around and accept,though grudgingly his brother's marriage they did not accept his choice and disowned him because of it. Only Jokiah stood by his side in support.

When they disowned him Jehu began volunteering for more and more dangerous assingments and was eventually captured while trying to infiltrate a Federation Star Base. Rather than kill him when Jehu was brought before Admiral Ross, he was turned and became a Star Fleet Officer. Only after he was turned did Admiral Ross let his feelings for Jehu be made known and the two had a brief but torrid love affair.

Since he was already and officer Jehu only spent six months at the Star Fleet Academy.

Jehu has been very loyal to the Federation
Service Record 2376-77 Tal ' Shiar Trainning Academy
2377-2384 Served on various ships and assingments for the Tal'Shiar reched the rank of Lt.(equal to FederationLt. Comdr
2384 Became Star Fleet Officer
2384-2388 USS Valiant
2388 Deep Space 7