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Crewman Gabriel Erik Ensure

Name Gabriel Erik Ensure

Position Translation Specialist

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 26.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6".
Weight 200 pounds.
Hair Color Brown.
Eye Color Black.
Physical Description 6'6", 200 lbs. Very tall and thin. Tanned. Wavy brown hair, black eyes. Thin and wiry. Awkward. Usually seen with glasses. Body littered with scars, severe scarring on torso and arms. Very stereotypy: tics, stims, uncoordinated movements, clutzy. Mousy & bookish. Withdrawn and closed off. Unnatural facial expressions. Cortical implant barely visible above right temple. Erik prefers wearing loose-fitting clothing and has a rather atrocious sense of fashion culminating in his most frequently seen obnoxiously patterned plaid shirts and blue jeans while off-duty. He sometimes can be spotted wearing pajamas.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Anem Alchaerai.
Mother Unknown.
Brother(s) Unknown.
Sister(s) Unknown.
Other Family Reid Ensure (Adoptive father).

Personality & Traits

General Overview Goes by Erik rather than Gabriel. Visceral response to his first name unless in an official context. Isolated and hermitlike. Often disoriented or confused. Tangential incoherency intermittent with bright lucidity. Magical thinking. Unfocused. Soft spoken and painfully shy. Unsocialized. Poetic, intuitive. Jealous, hoarding, possessive. Tics around food and personal belongings. Often retreats to the hidden world in his mind.

Erik is a Betazoid terrapath, meaning he is able to psionically bond with nature around him as well as having been born with his telempathic abilities which requires a cortical implant to filter out stimulation. He is very humble and would go unnoticed save for his height. Erik is very religious and carries a Bible with him wherever he goes. He can seem uneducated except for his field, where he is kept only because of his extraordinary skill at translation and algorithmic computation.
Strengths & Weaknesses (+) Naturally intuitive. Savant-like mathematical intelligence. Powerful telempath and terrapath. Polite, giving and undemanding. Respectful toward others. Artistic. Ethical. Kind. Follows orders.

(-) Possessive & hoarding tendencies. Obsessive thinking patterns. Sometimes nonresponsive. Prone to fits of irrationality. Sarcastic. Organized to a fault. Aloof.
Ambitions To find peace with his past. To live by himself in a farm on Betazed surrounded by animals and foliage. To do his best to honor Starfleet and his commission.
Hobbies & Interests Animals, plants, science, mathematics, reading, cooking. Erik can sometimes be found in engineering maintenance tubes huddled in a blanket reading from his PADD.
Languages If it's a language he doesn't know, he'll figure it out.

Personal History Anem Alchaerai was a Betazoid who crashed on Earth in a failing shuttlepod on the run from the Cardassian occupation of Betazed. Knowing that the Betazoid fleet would want to use his infant son's incredible psionic powers in their assault, Anem took the boy and fled. While in Earth's atmosphere, a shuttle malfunction forced him to emergency land in a field. Anem was killed in the landing but not before the door was pulled open and an Earth farmer looked down on them. The shuttle records were lost thus the name of his son as well. Anem managed to croak out his name but died before he could tell the name of his son. The farmer had just lost his wife and decided he wanted to keep the boy to raise him to do farm chores and carry the gospel.

So Gabriel Erik Ensure grew up being raised by a human and integrated into human life. He wasn't allowed to go to school as he had to do chores. His adoptive father homeschooled him but was not that interested in his education. He was beaten often, neglected to be fed, and punished for any minor infraction. He would often end up doing favors for his adoptive father, his friends, or total strangers to be given food or basic supplies. His adoptive father Reid Ensure did not like the fact that his son was a telempath and tried to beat it out of him as a form of conditioning. It didn't work.

Eventually Gabriel learned to hide any instance of his abilities, and connected to the animals and plantlife around him instead. Devoutly religious, Reid pounded a sense of the biblical into Gabriel. Gabriel was eventually transitioned into a facility when he was 18 and legally an adult, after he finally was caught by the correct authorities in another runaway attempt. Traumatized and almost psychotic, Gabriel couldn't be taught much beyond basic reading and writing. But he was a genius at math. He would write down completed algorithms in his notebooks, rhyme off numbers of Pi or the Golden Ratio at random.

Considered a savant by his adult education teachers, he was given a chance to be taught in specialized education. Over the course of five years Gabriel slowly began to talk more and more, which revealed the presence of his telempathic abilities. One of his teachers, Christie Aeron, had bonded with him and decided to take him to the doctor to get a cortical implant. The technology was new, but it helped to filter out all of the constant telempathic feed back from everyone around him. He was told that he was born with his abilities, which was rare and potentially disastrous in Betazoid children.

His abilities were not honed at his home which caused them to grow out of control. Gabriel's first few words were that he preferred to be called Erik. He hated his given name for unknown reasons. The newly called Erik begun to absorb reading and writing along with several other languages automatically installed on his PADD. It was quickly discovered that the combination of Erik's latent predilection with language and his savant-like mathematical abilities compounded with his terrapathic psionic bonding, Erik was an almost perfect translator. What took some decryption programs hours took Erik seconds. What took them days, took Erik minutes or hours.

After five years of schooling and basic conduct lessons, Erik's teachers decided to present him to Starfleet Academy as a possible asset. It was quickly learned that Erik was not a typical cadet. He triggered easily, reacted hostilely and explosively, hit other students and stole their food, screamed and hid in the corner, and generally reacted poorly. The change in location had not sat well with him. But eventually, Erik acclimatized to his new environment and became more or less docile. By then, it was known that he was among one of the best translation students in Starfleet at the time, surpassing even his teachers at the subject. His mentor and friend Christie Aeron stayed with him the entire time, helping him adjust to his courses.

It was decided that Erik would be given a non-commissioned officer position with Starfleet, and he was given some basic combat training which he surprised most by passing effortlessly. When put in a tight situation, Erik could slink out of it or fight his way to the death. After four more years of learning and training at Starfleet, as well as on Starships with other crew, Erik emerged as a shy, soft-spoken man who was very proficient at languages. While he was still prone to his quirks and tics, he could be socialized to a Starbase or Starship environment. Thus, on a preliminary basis, Erik Ensure was assigned to DS7: Roark Nor as their new translation specialist as a crewman.
Service Record Five years at Georgia State Psychiatric Hospital in Avens.
Four years at Starfleet Academy.
<1 years at DS7: Roark Nor.

Medical file:

Anxiolytic - Riazinine
Antipsychotic - Pravozithil
Analgesic - Miraton
Cortical stimulator (implant inject) - Sirexin
Regenerative - Jarvox


Physical condition:
Healthy aside from chronic pain & low blood pressure
Disc erosion in his back being treated
Joint erosion in his knees being treated

Theme: Apply - Glasser

If the walls were too thin,
You would break in, mmm,
If the walls were too thin,
You would break right in

Ooh, wah! Ooh, wah!

Out in the thunder,
opens my eyes wide,
There is something in my mind,
Keeps me up at night,

When the window
Lets in hot whips of light
Before I feel it's time,
To control my mind.