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Lieutenant JG Karin Bishop

Name Karin Bishop

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Second Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 168cm
Weight 60kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Karin is 5' 6" (1.65m) weighting in at around 9.5st (60kg), she tends to embody the appearance of being lighter than she really is. With dark black/brown hair and grey eyes Karin looks very much like her late father when he was younger.

She often stands on her heels with her toes slightly raised, especially when curious even though she tries to restrain that aspect my holding her hands behind her back.

Her hair is often kept back in a low ponytail however she oft lets a few strands escape.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jack Bishop (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Karin is a very curious individual. She watches, waits, listens but that doesn't mean she doesn't get involved especially if she is around people. Karin enjoys associating with others but she has no qualms about speaking her mind or any thoughts that are running through her head.
Strengths & Weaknesses She enjoys getting to know others and will usually grab people together.

Often Karin becomes distracted from the subject at hand by related subjects. So for instance instead of thinking, "I'll take the car to work" Karin is likely to be thinking about the Fuel and the next time she needs to take it for servicing.
Ambitions The chief intelligence role was her ambition, but learning and knowing things is part of her and it's something that is an impossible ambition as far as she is aware.
Hobbies & Interests I'll fill this in later

Personal History Karin was born to Jack and Luzanna Bishop twenty two years ago. Her father was well known amongst his peers and a starfleet officer to boot. His longest serving vessel was The Langport. Karin's mother however was a botanist and expert in plants and a keen explorer of landscapes and new worlds. Thus Karin didn't have what many would call a stable life style and home was generally where the rest of the family happened to congregate all at once. Usually on a starbase.

With both her parents accomplished, they didn't push Karin to be like them instead wanting to shelter her from the real world. Karin was sent originally to all girls school but it was promptly that which gave her a confidence boost and she often sought to better herself. While striving to do her best at what she did one of the teachers noted her interest in not necessarily the sciences themselves but in the pursuit of knowledge. Often they would find her in amongst the books trying to explore more about her lessons. Something which she juggled with an integrated social life. Three times elected class representative she also had a voluntary occupation as a librarian but that, slowly became not enough.

Some worried that Karin didn't have enough time to herself, that she was stretching herself too thin and she was sent twice to a psychiatrist for evaluation. While in one of these appointments it soon became clear that it was her thirst for knowledge that was driving her. Not because she really enjoyed getting along with others but because she wanted to find out more about them. She found it hard to talk about what she liked and would often put on false pretences in order to mix well, to satiate her desire.

The counsellor recommended, not that she be excluded or restricted but the school should tailor a package of education to really push her to her extremes. Her classes were doubled, her homework, doubled, the school signed her up to three more extra curricular activities and to compensate they made her alter her diet. While the rest of the students would eat one portion of cold pasta salad, Karin would be eating three portions of sushi and then take extra vitamin supplements.

She earned the nickname of 'Gluttony' amongst her friends for how much she ate, but yet she never put any weight on and she always seemed to be on the go. As if she couldn't stop learning or being interested. The teachers were proud of the level of focus she could achieve and then...she was thrown into the real world.

It was more of a class excursion, but it was outside of the school environment something that she had been extremely used to, she knew how it worked and how to get the most out of it. In the real world however, she knew very little, few things were applicable from school in the real world and when she was instructed to run a small business for just two weeks she burned out. Much to everyone's astonishment.

This was perhaps the first time that she left the boarding school and travelled with her parents due to a mental brake down that saw her unable to look after herself. Psychiatrists seemed to think it was because she had been driven and finally broke under the strain, her parents thought it was because the teachers had placed too much on her. What though did Karin think? Karin had come to a realisation that she had been wasting her time. All of that effort and learning at school, hadn't really counted for much, her thirst for knowledge was pointless.

She helped her mother where she could, investigating new worlds and plants cataloguing anything and everything, examining everything in a methodical and disciplined way. It wasn't till her father took her aboard the Langport aged 19 that the next chapter of her life began.

It was on the Langport that she interacted with the crew, they liked how inquisitive she was, how focused she could be, yet also how naive she was. It was a running joke that she should have been born blonde.

One particular voyage she wandered into the Stella Cartography section a place that she had never been before and a place that she didn't leave for a while. No one knew where she was because it wasn't used all together that much.

When the Intelligence officers found her, she had immersed herself in a virtual environment with information everywhere using the enhanced graphics and visualisations of the cartography suit to learn more. The two became close friends and it seemed that this was what Karin was good at. Analysing, dissecting and compiling information. Monitoring the charts and investigating things was just something she enjoyed doing. Requiring all her focus, all her energy it was as if she had found her calling. The officer suggested putting her through the academy to which her father objected to but eventually relented.

Being quite a late entrant to the academy, Karin was however filled with most of what she needed. She wasn't the top student in all of her subjects, some subjects required more creativity and while she could be creative in that manner, it really wasn't her speciality and she wasn't all together good at it. However give her a book and an exam and she'd pass it rather quickly although perhaps not well.

Perfect, they surmised when she graduated for the Intelligence Division. As she applied for a posting.

Having served on The Langport she was accepted onto The Overseer and served with them for two years. Life on such a ship however didn't suit her and instead she applied to be transferred to the DS12
Service Record Langport - 19 - 24
Overseer - 24 - 26