Lieutenant JG Desmond Westbrooks

Name Desmond Thomas Westbrooks

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 230 Lbs
Hair Color Black (Bald)
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Desmond is built like a machine. He has muscles on his muscles and he works very hard to keep it that way. He is tall, very strong, and very fit. He has dark brown skin that has a lively shine to it. His body is covered in tattoos, all of them have different significance but they all reflect an important part of himself and his past. He is bald and clean shaven.

His overall presence is intimidating, since there are very few people he couldn't take down with a single punch, so even his casual glances put people out of their comforts. He is extremely handsome and masculine in demeanor, often attracting women who are then further attracted by his sheltered emotions.


Spouse Sophia Davis (Divorced)
Children 1 Daughter: Esther (Deceased)
Father Thomas Westbrooks
Mother Tanya Lewis
Brother(s) Edward (Eddy)
Sister(s) Antoinette

Personality & Traits

General Overview As outwardly fantastic Desmond is, he is equally aggressive and complicated on the inside. Anyone who speaks to him for more then a few seconds can tell that he has alot of baggage that he carries around. It is apparent that he has had a difficult life and that he would very rarely discuss it with friends, let alone strangers. He is a man of few words, but a man of many thoughts and opinions. He has a tremendous strength and complication that attracts people to him, but a terrible amount of pain that tempers what could be a truly great leader. He is not as mean as he seems, he is just very slow to trust people with his kindness.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strong
+ Competent
+ Intelligent
Ambitions His job is to serve the Federation. That is where he derives his purpose as an officer and a person. He accepts any assignment he is given, be it Command or garbage scrubbing.
Hobbies & Interests Fighting
Working Out
Playing Piano
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Desmond was born the first of three children to Tanya Lewis and Thomas Westbrooks on Dammmel Colony, the last Federation world north of the map. His place of birth was so inconceivably far from the center of the Federation that it's laws and customs barely reached there. There was more crime then most people could imagine, and more poverty then most would be willing to admit. His parents weren't married, but they lived in the same home with him and he grew up relatively happy the first four years of his life. One day, things changed, however, when his brother and sister were born, a set of twins, and his father left. One day, they had been a perfectly happy family, or so he thought, with his parents and him, and now it was simply his mother and three children.

Dammel Colony was not the most ideal place in the Federation by far to raise a child, let alone three. It was nearly impossible to find a job that allowed you to make ends meet, meaning that nearly everyone was poor. Desmond grew up watching his mother struggle for years and years, wearing her fingers to the bone so that her children could have food to eat, all without his father. He would hear her crying herself to sleep many nights, praying to a God he was hardly sure was there to save them from this life. He tried to help her around the house the best way he could, cleaning up and babysitting his younger siblings, and even getting a small nothing job when he was old enough.

The absence of Desmond father had a profound impact on him. He was very resentful at his father's abandonment and would become enraged at the mere mention of his middle name, as it was his father's first. He grew up fast and he grew up mean. He almost never smiled and he almost never talked. His mother was worried about him but there was nothing she could do about it.

Socially, Desmond became a bully. He would often take out the pain and anguish he felt on anyone unfortunate enough to be in his way, and living in the place he lived, he very seldom was scolded for it. The lessons of right and wrong were blurred for him and every child around him for there were no positive examples of how to think or behave, only negative. In school, he showed much promise, having the highest recorded IQ on colony, but he was unfocused, undisciplined, and very very angry at the world. He cared little about school.

As he grew up, Desmond became increasingly involved in gang activity, fighting and selling illegal narcotics, which came to be a big problem in his community. He was obviously going down the wrong path, but his mother was so busy working she could hardly see it. He had no dreams and no aspirations because he lacked the confidence to make them happen.

He decided, once he'd barely graduated from high school, that he needed to make some kind of move. Not wanting to continue doing illegal things and not wishing to get a job in the deathtrap that was his home, he decided to enlist in Starfleet. After his training, he entered Starfleet as a crewman recruit in security aboard the USS Redding. He learned protocol and fighting style, but most of all, he found a place where he'd had purpose. For the first time in his life, his was a part of something much bigger than himself. For the first time in his life, he had someone to obey and learn from.

Desmond began to open up more then he had since his father had left some 16 years previously. He served 2 years on various ships, then decided finally, having made Starfleet his home, that he wanted to become an officer. Because of his training, this would only take two years, so he transferred to Earth and began classes at the academy.

One day, in a coffee shop, Desmond met a stunningly beautiful waitress. They talked for a while and he found that her name was Sophia. She understood him in a way most people couldn't have. They began a relationship that lasted almost a year and then he proposed to her. A few months later they were married and she was pregnant. They had a beautiful baby girl together. They named her Esther and they were all of them very happy together. So happy, in fact that after he graduated from the academy, he postponed his assignment to stay with them. It looked like things, for a change, were looking up for Desmond Westbrooks.

One night, Desmond received a frantic call from Sophia. She told them that baby Esther had gotten out of her crib in the night and rolled down a flight of stairs. He and his wife rushed to the hospital together and held their baby girl in their arms as she died. Desmond was never the same after Esther died. It seemed he could never escape the vail of melancholy that came from the experience. He and Sophia became distant and eventually, separated.

Sadness and loss were things that Desmond was accustomed to, but this was far more then he'd ever had to handle. Nearly six months of doing nothing but sitting in his apartment every day grieving. It wasn't until a friend of his paid him a visit, that he was encouraged to move on with his life. He contacted Starfleet and was assigned immediately to the USS Regent as a security officer and an Ensign.

He did a great job where he was, helping to take down more bad guys than he would have ever admitted, and a promotion to Lieutenant JG came very quickly along with some choice assignments and eventually the posting of Assistant Chief of Security. This job required that he managed the security staff and even take over in the absence of the chief. These are things he did quite efficiently and effectively, though his command style was particularly harsh and lacked understanding and compassion. His officers were not permitted to have any excuses why jobs weren't done at top efficiency, and for that reason, they were some of the best security officers Starfleet had.

He soon received an order to be transferred to Deep Space 12 for assignment as Assistant Chief of Station Security.
Service Record + Crewman
> Assigned as Security Officer on USS Redding
+ Promoted to Ensign
> Assigned Security Officer on USS Regent
+ Promoted to Lieutenant JG
> Assigned as Assistant Chief of Security
> Assigned as Assistant Chief of Security on Deep Space 12