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Carrie Dalton

Name Carrie Dalton

Position Promenade Buisness Owner

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5"2
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Blond, blue eyes, peite standing and five two every man's pin up model


Father James
Mother Charlotte
Brother(s) Stephen

Personality & Traits

General Overview Loveable, endearing, compassionate but extremely clumsy and wears her hear upon a sleeve where it is easily bruised and wrenched. Easily insulted, sensitive creature whose timid appearance is considerably stronger than expected.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very much an agony aunt, loves to listen but rather poor at offering advice despite her good intentions
Ambitions Her sole ambition is to make her father and brother proud of her achievements and for their recognition.
Hobbies & Interests Has previously owned and managed a tailor boutique on another Starbase before moving to DS12, still very keen to continue to earlier business and will run errands on the side.
Languages Bilingual in several languages

Personal History Born into a influancaly and successful family their were great expectaions placed upon Carrie from a young age and to follow in the promising footsteps of her elder brother, Stephen. However, it became apparent from a young she was destined for dissapointment. Basic common sense escaped her, facts and figures eluded her, only languages and creativity flourished.

Disgusted by his sisters lack to coordination Stephen began his dark journey of ignoring and later disputing the existence of his sibling in to upper class realms in which in circled with their father James.

Their father a politician with his reams of understanding took a much softer approach, naturally with Carrie being his only daughter he loved her no matter what. He strove for the very best of her, sent her to the best education possible, smiled graciously at the smattering for grades she achieved and helped her take her footsteps into the business world with the promise she could return home whenever she wanted to.

Starting with her passion of clothing of the twenty first century Carrie opened a small establishment on Deep Space Fourteen three years ago with a surprising level of success. The young timid woman blossomed into something of a business demon even if she did from time to time cause a mini tornado of utter disasters along the way, and more importantly to Carrie she made a great number of friends.

Following the success and closure of DS14 in favour of the newer station in the same sector Dalton packed her bags and took a new direction for the trade at Deep Space 12.